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Posted:  05 May 2011 20:27
Hi there,

I have managed to create an RSS feed to the front page of a web site... I am really loving this calendar!

However, this morning I wasn't receiving the feed for some reason...last night it worked..! It is back working now - but when I validated that the stream was being produced the Validator reported a problem with the </item> tag....

Is this something that needs tinkering with?


Posted:  05 May 2011 22:08
Hi Allen,
The <guid> (Globally Unique Identifier) is a permalink to an item (read: event) in the RSS feeds. However, all event details are already displayed in the feeds. Currently there is no specific link to open one individual event. We could of course open the event window with the details of the event concerned, but this window is normally opened via JavaScript to give it the right size, which would be difficult via a permalink.
A <guid> element is nice for blogs, to point to an individual item of the blog.
Hope this helps.