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Posted:  05 May 2011 06:21
Hi there,

How's about a link between the Calendar and a Google Spreadsheet.. so that changes to the spreadsheet are reflected on the calendar?

The Google Spreadsheet API allows reading and writing to a spreadsheet so it seems feasible.

The major benefit would be that rather than importing a CSV or iCal file it might be possible to create an automatic link with the data. Therefore, if an item in the spreadsheet changes - so would the calendar.

I have a selfish interest of course... I manage a Tennis League and 3 Tennis Club web sites and keeping their calendars up to date with schedule / fixture changes is a real chore.

Although I import all of the matches en-block at the beginning of each season, making changes is very involved. Having a link would make things very simple!

Congratulations on the best calendar application that I have seen - certainly way better than Google's!

Allan Thompson
Posted:  05 May 2011 22:17   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Allen,
I'm delighted with your remark that LuxCal is way better than Google's calendar application :)

I agree it would add value if the LuxCal calendar could interface with the Google Calendar API. I will investigate the possibilities.

My main problem is "to find time".