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LuxCal Forum / General / Support / suspected bug in event.php ?
Posted:  03 May 2011 19:58
Hi, I am quite new and not so expert in php,

I am not sure if the following is a bug or it is correct:

in the file:   event.php
around line 250, in the   update tables,
in the   update event,   during the   SET,
when it says   s_date = '$sdate',   
should it be   d.s_date = '$sdate',   ?
or is it correct that way?
I report the code lines I got, I downloaded also last version and it is the same:

else { //update event
        $q = "UPDATE [db]events e, [db]dates d
        SET e.title = '$titEsc', e.description = '$desEsc', e.private = $pri, e.category_id = $cat, e.not_mail = '$nml',s_date = '$sdate',
                d.e_date = '$edate', d.s_time = '$stime', d.e_time = '$etime', d.r_type = $r_t, d.r_interval = $r_i, d.r_period = $r_p, d.r_until = '$runtil', d.notify = $not, d.m_date = '".date("Y-m-d")."'
        WHERE e.event_id = d.event_id
        AND e.event_id = $eid";
        $result = dbquery($q);

thanks you very much and compliments for the calendar,
Posted:  04 May 2011 11:41   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi L.
Yes, you are right, it should be d.s_date = '$sdate',.
Since s_date is a unique name, it still works fine, but for consistency reasons I will change the event.php file for the next release.

Thanks very much,