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Posted:  02 May 2011 01:49

thanks for the great software for first. I do have a small need for customization but no skills for that. I do know a bit of PHP, CSS and MySQL but not for this much.

I have three categories and I would like to show them in the week-view so that the top grid that shows date splits for the categories. That you don't need to use menu in accessing them is the idea. Ideas how to start parsing this?
Posted:  05 May 2011 22:19
I've sent you an email with some hints.
Posted:  08 Jun 2011 01:21
Hi roel this is something i think i would need can you please also send this to ne too? Many thanks!
Posted:  08 Jun 2011 13:53   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi myluxcal,       (I like your alias ;))

If you send me your email address (via the Contact Us page), I will send you some further info.
But be aware that for implementing this change you will need quite some PHP skills.