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Posted:  19 Apr 2011 03:07   Last Edited By: Roel B.
I have just installed LuxCal. I was able to register as the admin, but now that I have everything ready to go, I can't register as a test user.

I fill in the username and email, but when I click "Register", the registration box goes away and just leaves the public calendar on the screen. Any idea of what I have done wrong?

Posted:  28 Apr 2011 12:44
When implementing a dedicated language per calendar user, an error (database query error) was introduced in the login.php script.
This error has now been corrected. The updated login.php file will be included in LuxCal 2.4.1 which will be released mid May.

If someone wants to receive this fix immediately, please send me your email address via the Contact Us page.
Posted:  30 Apr 2011 14:24
More questions. Once somebody has disabled the top navigation, there is no way to login to admin panel? and the calendar is displaying multiple calendar on a single page.
What does this parameter do cP?  How can i enter and how a user can post the events without navigation bar.

I want to set nightlife calendar on nightlife page and attractions calendar on attraction page. Which parameter i must use?
Posted:  30 Apr 2011 22:52   Last Edited By: Roel B.
The admin can use the URL with parameter "hdr=1" (, which will always display the navigation bar so that the admin can log in.
The parameter "cP" is the "current Page" (1 = year view, 2 = month view, etc.).
So will display the nav bar and month view.

Without nav bar, users cannot log in and consequently are "public user". Via the admin's users page the "public user" should be given "post own" (edit only own events  or "post all" (edit all events) rights. Thereafter public users can add events for instance by clicking on the upper part of a day cell in year and month view, or drag the mouse from above downwards in week or day view.