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Posted:  03 Apr 2011 16:42
Just experimenting with the calendar, and finding for this application, a narrower view for the "Upcoming Events" display would be nice.

I've managed to improve it somewhat by inserting a new table row so that the Event Description is under the Event Time, rather than in a new column/cell beside it. That was as easy as inserting </tr><tr> into the showGrid function to split the time and description into two rows.

Then I removed the PRINT buttons as they were consuming too much space. (Alternatively, they could be put above or below the date range displayed at the top.)

A couple of minor tweaks to the CSS to reduce padding, etc. and I got it down to a usable 305px without totally ruining the attractive layout. This could probably be whittled down another 25 pixels or so by removing the outer (dark grey) container around the list, but I have a hunch this is common to all display modes, and not easy to hack for just the "Upcoming" display.

Of course, these are all just hacks to see what's possible. I'm always reluctant to do this on an actual implementation as it can cause problems if I update the script.

An official "Narrow View" option would be a nice addition. It would be handy for "Mobile Friendly" pages as well as for my purposes, which is to have an "Upcoming" list embedded in a sidebar on another page.

P.S. I know I could use RSS for this, but for my application, this has some limitations.