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Posted:  27 Mar 2011 23:37
Thanks ever so much for such a great calendar.  I have been searching and trying for many months to find one that combines versatiity and ease of use so well.  Just one thing I find a bit of a nuisance on my small widescreen monitor is the space taken up by the month and previous/next arrows above the grid.  Could these be placed in the upper blue bar containing the dropdowns?  There is a suitable gap in the middle of that bar in my display.
Posted:  28 Mar 2011 10:42   Last Edited By: Roel B.
The reasons for displaying the previous/next arrows and the text in between where they currently are displayed are:
1. The arrows and the text in between belong to, and vary with the selected view.
2. On smaller monitors, or when the calendar is displayed in a smaller window, in particular when the calendar is embedded in an other web page, the navigation bar (the upper blue bar) has no space left.
So moving the arrows + text to the navigation bar is no option.
What could be done is to reduce the height taken by the arrows and the text in between by:
1. reducing the upper and lower margin above and under the arrows/text, (css.php)
2. reducing the size of the arrow images and (re-size images)
3. reducing the font size of the text between the arrows. (css.php)

Let me know if you need help to achieve this.
Posted:  30 Mar 2011 22:49
Thanks for your trouble and explanation Roel, I appreciate it.  With your encouragement I have had a fiddle about and managed to achieve what I want.  I am no programmer but can usually figure out what simple code means and can move it about. 
-- I first moved the navbar code into the footer, as we don't often use it for this simple family calendar - most of the time it just displays the month or year and events are added by clicking the relevant date.
-- Then I moved the login name into this bar next to the LogOut link and shifted today's date to the right of the top bar to leave a gap in the middle. 
-- I then discovered that commenting out the line at the end of header.php that reads > echo "<div class=\"content\">\n"; caused the arrows and text to move right to the top into this gap. I can now display a complete month on small screens without scrolling.

All this is probably not the way to do things but so far no problems with my simple setup.  Thanks again.