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Posted:  17 Mar 2011 18:43   Last Edited By: freakball
Hi Roel-

I have to first say that your calendar is awesome.  I can't believe after looking for so long I've found a calendar program that does everything I wanted to do and more!  Great job!

This might sound confusing, but I sometimes have multiple events in the same day square in my calendar that use the same category.  When this happens, the background color of each event runs together and creates the look of one large event.  I've been looking around the php files to see if there's a way to add a 1 or 2 pt margin to the bottom of each event block, but I haven't located it yet.  Is it possible?  To give you a better idea, I attached a screen shot of days this occurs.

Thanks, -Jonni
Posted:  17 Mar 2011 19:40   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Jonni,

Yes, I see your point.
In the file month.php change line 43 as follows:
echo "<div class=\"event\"".(($evt['col'] or $evt['bco']) ? " style=\"color:".$evt['col']."; background:".$evt['bco'].";\">" : ">");
and add the following style to css.php (somewhere around line 161, I would suggest) :
.event {

Now you can control the margin and lin-height of each individual event. You can even add a border in a contrasting color, if you wish.
I will copy this to the new LuxCal 2.4.0 as well.
Posted:  17 Mar 2011 22:25
That worked perfectly! I made your suggested changes and then tweaked the line-height to 1.25 and it looks great.  Now there is a small space between all events which really helps where events in the same category are back to back. Thank you very much Roel!
Posted:  18 Mar 2011 18:25
Hi Roel-
Your suggestion of adding a border around events made my tinkering juices start to flow again, so I decided to tweak it a little more to give each event box some depth by adding a 2px outset border using the following code within the style .event {

       border:outset 2px #5b5b5b;

It looks like this:

Thanks again for the awesome calendar, can't wait to see version 2.4.0!
Posted:  19 Mar 2011 10:17
Looks great Jonni!