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Posted:  10 Mar 2011 17:32   Last Edited By: Roel B.
We have just started a company for basic training of Aircraft Ground Engineers.
Sorry, Dutch only for the time being...

The calendar has just been added, and we are quite happy with it.
Does anybody know about a way to 'autofit' the calendar in a certain space?
On our site it does have a bit funny layout through the rectangular shape of the days.
I would prefer square ones, also avoiding the scrollbar.

Also the text of the month is abbreviated from maart to maar in several places.
Maybe something I did wrong??

The software is simple and a beautiful design!

Posted:  10 Mar 2011 19:45   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hello Willem,
Dutch only is no problem at all! Wie spreekt er tegenwoordig nu geen Nederlands ;)
Ii you want square day cells, I can change this for you, but be aware that when you start adding events they will take up space. Avoiding the scroll bar is difficult because once you start adding events, the day cells can grow higher and need more space.
You might consider to use the mini calendar which will be available very soon with Luxcal version 2.4.0 and which you can see on the Luxcal demo page of this site.
In the first day of the month the full month name is displayed and in the following days only the first three letters of the month name is displayed, just not to overload the display.
In this special case, omdat ik zelf altijd in de ATC business heb gewerkt en dus een zwak heb voor alles way met "air" begint, I offer to change the Month view for the Aircraft Ground Engineers and to display the full month name in all days.
If you want me to send you these special changes, send me your email address via the Contact Us page.
Posted:  10 Mar 2011 20:27
is it maybe possible to limit how many events display per cell? say 2-3.. then if you have more events on that day have a link (+3 more events) or something like that, so when you click on it, it expands the cell to show the missing events? or event a popupbox to show 'em.. thus allowing as many events  to be added to each day as needed, and not extending the day cell?

As a Side Note, I really like the mini calendar, on the demo site.. how hard will that be to impliment into the 2.3.2, that i'm currently using? (i've just spent like a month changing things here and there for the calendar to work for me - i'm still not done yet.. but getting there - had a couple more ideas specific to my purpose as of last night i've been working on - but it'd be a shame to lose all that to upgrade, to get the mini calendar. not impossible if needed.. just saying)
Posted:  10 Mar 2011 21:58
I will think about this suggestion.

Concerning the mini calendar, I think it will be rather easy to add to version 2.3.2. It is a self-contained script which only uses the config.php file and the css.php styles. It uses one new config.php parameter to determine whether adding/editing/deleting events is enabled and a few new styles.
Send me your email address via the Contact Us page and I will email you the mini calendar script.
Posted:  16 Mar 2011 10:35
Hi Roel,
thanks for the quick response.
Just back from a business trip. Love to speak to de UK ATC guys again..sooo English!thump_up
I would very much like to have the months name full displayes. Do not rush into this as for the time being I truncated all months to three letter. This trick works OK.
On the square cells: is it possible to make this a configuration settings. I suppose some can do with square cells, as others do need full space...

Regards, and keep up the good work.

BTW als je in Nederland bent geef eens een seintje. Gaan we een stukje vliegen als blijk van waardering voor de moeite die je in LuxCal hebt gestopt!WB
Posted:  20 Mar 2011 23:12   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Willem,

Don't forget to send me your email address, so that I can send you a changed month.php file.

You can also implement the change yourself, if you prefer:
In the file views/month.php on line 123 (LuxCal 2.3.2) or line 122 (LuxCal 2.4.0) change the word "true" at the end of the line into "false". That will do the trick.
(Use a plain text editor, like Notepad or Notepad++)


(Een stukje vliegen . . . dat is een geweldig aanbod!)
Posted:  22 Mar 2011 16:08
Hi Roel,
bedankt voor de tip. Ik zal e.e.a. aanpassen.
Any feelings on the question about the cell sizes (see previous message)
On the square cells: is it possible to make this a configuration settings. I suppose some can do with square cells, as others do need full space...

Regards, Willem

BTW ik vlieg vanaf EHSE WB
Posted:  22 Mar 2011 20:12
Hi Willem,

Oops the square cells.
To make square cells configurable is not possible, because the cell width is not fixed, it varies with the width of the window in which the calendar is displayed and depends on the width of the display of the visitor.
If you want to change the cell height however, this can be done in the styles: file css/css.php on line number 110:
table.grid tr.monthWeek {height:120px;}

Change the figure 120 and it will be reflected in the cell height in Month view.

Groeten, Roel

(Seppe ligt mooi zuidelijk maar 265km van waar ik woon)
Posted:  12 Mar 2013 15:16
Hi Roel, zijn we weer.

Intussen een nieuw bedrijf opgestart met jouw calendar erbij, natuurlijk.
We willen e.e.a. gebruiken als afsprakensysteem.
Daarbij zou het makkelijk zijn als je met b.v. een dubbelklik op een dag die specifieke dag in een venster openen.
Is dat lastig te maken?

Grt, Willem
Posted:  12 Mar 2013 18:24
Hello Willem,

Although Dutch is becoming more and more a world language smile I will answer your question in English.
You're asking if it would be possible for instance to double a day in order to open that specific day in a window.
It depends on what you exactly mean . . .
Currently in Month view the following is possible:
-  users with post rights can click the upper line of a day cell to open an event window for a new event
- users can click the week number in the left margin to open Week view for that specific week. Thereafter in Week view the user can click a day header (e.g. Thu 21 Mar) to open Day view for that day.

Is this is not sufficient, give me more details of what you exactly have in mind.

A new company? Still in the domain of aviation?
Posted:  18 Mar 2013 17:04
Hi Roel, still in aviation. We started a Aviation Medical Centre in Rijen.
Thanks for the answer. We plan to use your calendar as an appointment system.
What we are actually looking for is the possibility to double-click on a certain day when the calendar is week, month or year layout, and then produce a day-view, where appointments are added. That is a shortcut for us and would be greatly appreciated...

Regards, Willem
Posted:  19 Mar 2013 17:43
Ok, I've added the next option in the next LuxCal version: In Month and Year view, the day number of each day can be clicked to open the Day view calendar for that day. In week view the header of each day could already be clicked to open the Day view calendar.