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Posted:  09 Mar 2011 23:48   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Change log:

1. Optimized for mobile devices
The calendar will automatically detect most mobile devices for which the page content will be adjusted to better cope with limited size displays. To save space the navigation bar will only show the necessary elements. All views have been optimized and the day cells in year, month and week view will keep their proportional widths irrespective of the content and the width of the display window.
2. Week and Day view problems solved
Problems with multi-day events having the same start time (on the first day) and end time (on the last day) have been solved. More consistent presentation of all-day events and more accurate display of the events overlaying the calendar day(s). The html code has been much simplified resulting in a more consistent browser independent view.
3. Exported I-calendar files now validate 100%
Lay-out of exported I-calendar (.ics) files has been updated to fully meet the RFC 5545 standard. The exported file now validates 100%.
4. Scroll bars for calendar body
Scroll bars have been introduced for the actual body of the calendar views and the same has been done for the body of the administrator pages. The full page will have no scroll bars anymore, meaning that the header part (e.g. calendar name, navigation bar, page title, day names, forward and backward buttons,  ect.) and the footer will be fixed and remain visible at all times.
5. Side bar with upcoming events
A narrow side bar with upcoming events has been added. This sidebar, will overlay the normal calendar, can be opened and closed and can be moved (dragged with the mouse).
6. Notification days - free format
In the Event window, the drop-down list with the number of "days before event" to sent a notification email has been replaced by a free format field. Possible values: - (or empty) or 0 - 99. The value 0 means: send an email on the event date only.
7. Improved Event window
Irrespective of user rights, when clicking an event, the Event window will open in show-only mode. If the user has sufficient rights, a button "Edit event" can be selected at the bottom of the Event window (if the user has not enough rights, the button will be greyed out). In show-only mode the Event window size will be reduced. All fields will be read-only and URL-links in the description field will be displayed as active hyperlinks. When selecting the Edit event button the Event window will be re-displayed in edit-mode, allowing the user to edit / delete the event.
In the Edit/Add Event window the "don't close this window" check box has been removed and the buttons at the bottom have been reorganized in "Save and close", "Save", "Save as new", "Delete" and "Close".
8. Two new admin settings
On the Settings page, in the View Settings, the administrator can now enable/disable the display of
- URL- links in Month view (URL-links are now displayed in the Event window - see item above)
- the event category name (in addition to the 'event category color coded' event title) in the various views.
9. New mini calendar to embed in a web page
A new mini calendar displaying the current month, is available to be embedded in an existing web page. This mini calendar has the "look and feel" of one month in Year view. It can be loaded in an in-line frame (iframe) with a  minimum (useful) width of 160px. The height of the mini calendar is automatically adjusted depending on the number of weeks to display (4, 5, or 6 weeks). In the header, the visitor can move to previous and next months, or can choose to display the full calendar in a new window. On the admin's Settings page, adding/editing/deleting of events though the mini calendar (without opening the full calendar) can be enabled, which makes it a powerful tool. A demo version - to play with - is available on the LuxCal Demo page of this site.
10. Email lists for notify capability
In the Edit Event window in the notification email list, apart from email addresses, also email lists can be entered. These email lists are text files which can be created by a normal plain text editor and contain one email address per line. The email list files must be stored in the emlists directory and the file names may not contain the "@" character and must have extension ".txt".
Note: The length of email lists should be limited; ISPs don't like users to send large numbers of emails in a short time frame.
11. Automatic repeat for certain event categories
For each event category the administrator can optionally specify the following repeat values: every day, every week, every month or every year. Events falling in such a category will automatically repeat according to the category repeat setting. This is particularly useful for e.g. birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
Note: Category repeat settings will overrule event repeat settings defined by the users.
12. Exclude certain event categories from the RSS feeds
For each event category the administrator can specify whether events falling in this category are included in / excluded from the RSS feeds.
13. Set user interface language for each individual user
When creating a user account, the administrator can specify the default language for each individual user. When self-registration is enabled, users can specify their own default language and via the options on the log in page, users can change their language.
14. Enable/disable display of week numbers
The display of week numbers in Year, Month and Week view can be switched on or off on the admin's Settings page.
15. Various minor improvements and corrections
- In Month and Year view events with a start time early AM were sometimes displayed before all-day events (bug)
- Typing errors in language files corrected
- Support for https (http-secure) URLs in the event descriptions added.
- RSS feeds now also available for users who have only read access (bug)
- Warning / error messages produced by index.php script when starting install script resolved.
- Warning message during initial installation resolved.
- English text "or" on the admin's Settings page moved to language files.
- Events in Month view separated by 2px to distinguish multiple events in the same category on the same day.
- Size of not_mail field in events table in the database reduced from 256 to 255 chars (256 chars caused problems for some databases).
- When adding a new event category, propose the next available sequence number.
- Allow for quotes (') in event category names.
- Adding links to the event description field has been simplified: URL or URL [name]. The name between square brackets is optional. (e.g.,, [search]).
- A "repeat every last Friday" problem caused inconsistencies in the display of these events, while the data in the database is correct.
- Browser warning messages (not visible to normal users) concerning color syntax errors.
- Problem for some new installations concerning the PHP error "headers already sent" caused by empty lines at the end of the config.php file (which is hard to understand for users having no PHP knowledge).
- Error in self-registration script (database query) introduced when implementing the language setting per individual user.
- Width of the admin's users table reduced to avoid a vertical scroll bar.
- Private events in changes view don't show to the event owner (bug).
- When editing/adding an event category, the "In RSS feed" flag was always stored as "checked" in the database, irrespective of its  value (bug).
- In the RSS feeds the time zone is now set to the config time zone.
- Corrupted URL-link in description field of the event window when "Don't close this window" checked and Update Event is selected (bug).
- The warning displayed during installation if the config.php file already exists in the root of the calendar to be improved.
- Efficiency improvements to make the calendar display as fast as possible
- In the side bar the event title's event category colors and hyperlink now extend over the full width of the bar.
- In month view the single month changed back to also display days of the previous and the next month.
- The redundant 3-letter month name which was displayed in month view on each day from the 2nd of the month has been removed.
- Processing of user rights reviewed. For the mini calendar the admin setting "Mini calendar event posting" overrides the normal user rights.
- The "back" and "forward" arrows on the various views are now displayed at a fixed location when flipping through the calendar.
- When the user has no view rights, the navigation bar will remain empty.
- The width of events in week and day view is more accurate due to better rounding of the width percentage.
- Improved efficiency of re-painting of dragged cells in week and day view.
- When editing events, during the validation of the form fields the 'notification days' warnings for events taking place in the past is suppressed.
- For users who have no view rights logging in will be refused and a message will be displayed. (Logging in without view rights doesn't make sense)
- PHP multi-byte functions replaced by predefined short month and day texts. The calendar is now independent of PHP's multi-byte support.
- Moved English texts "To" and "Subject" from the notify.php script to the language file. Used in the report sent to admin about daily notifications.
- The check boxes to select user rights when editing a user profile, have been replaced by a drop down menu.
- Column "status" introduced in the MySQL users table. Values 0: user account active, -1: user account deleted. This solves the problem that events of deleted user accounts do not show anymore.
- If session user id set, but not present in user table (which can happen if a user uses several LuxCal calendars), then the user id is reset to Public View.
- Week and day view scripts have been scrutinized and simplified to avoid unnecessary levels of nested tables.
- To save as much as possible space on the navigation bar, the Add Event hyperlink on the navigation bar has been replaced by a button.
- Private events can now be recognized by the light green background color of the pop up box when hovering events in the various views.
- Various minor bug fixes and language files related improvements.