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Posted:  05 Mar 2011 19:11
Just want to say thanks for offering such a flexible, easy calendar.  Had the calendar set up and integrated in to my site in minutes. Added a couple of files to create a stripped down Events List that fits into a 200 px sidebar.  The base code was easy to understand and made creating a mod simple.  Thanks again.
Posted:  07 Mar 2011 05:21
I agree
the calendar is just GREAT- small, clean, simple
just what a normal user needs
Posted:  07 Mar 2011 10:20
I agree as well.. i've mostly been able to figure out everything i've wanted to change for my own implementation.. which has been great..
Posted:  07 Mar 2011 16:05
Thanks guys!
I'm very happy that you like our LuxCal calendar.
Posted:  08 Mar 2011 11:05
Yes, it's very nice, clean and really useful and simple to use...
Thank you very much, Roel, for ya good work! thump_up