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Posted:  13 Feb 2010 01:15   Last Edited By: Roel B.
LuxCal 1.7 has been released and is available for download on the LuxCal page. This is a major update with the following changes:
Multi-day events
New: In addition to normal repetitive events, events can now span more than one day, for instance starting at a certain time on one day and ending at an other time on a next day.
Event category filter
New: An 'event category' filter will enable the user to only display events in a selected category.
Navigation bar - reduced size
To better support embedded calendars with a limited width the items in the navigation bar have been reduced in size, i.e. the 'Views' buttons have been combined in a drop-down menu and to avoid space taken by 'submit' buttons, the drop-down menus and 'go to' input field have been made 'auto-submit'. See demo calendar on LuxCal page of this site.
Improved Add/Edit Event window layout
The layout of the Add/Edit Event window has been improved and is now more logical.
Improved Notification feature
The feature to send notifications to users a certain number of days before an event is due has been significantly improved. Notifications are not sent automatically to the owner of the event any more, but a list of email addresses to be notified can be entered. The email address of the logged in user is automatically added to the list, but can be removed if desired.
Log-in page changed
The log-in page has changed; users will be able to log in either with their username or their email address and their password. Users will also be able to change their email address.
Various improvements
- URLs in the event's description field will be automatically converted to hyperlinks, which can be selected in the Upcoming Events view.
- The current day of the week and date are displayed in the calendar's top bar.
- Notification (reminder) emails will be sent the requested number of days before the event is due and automatically an other one will be sent on the day of the event, so in total two.
- Notification (reminder) emails also show the sender (owner) of the event.
- The style and color of the (currently) red border of the current day can now be changed via the style sheet.
- If in Month view the full month is displayed (selected via the Settings), the color of the days that are not part of the month being viewed can now be changed via the style sheet.
- When the administrator deletes an event category, the events in this category will be automatically reset to 'no category'.
- during CSV Upload, start time and end time are not compulsory any more. Blank start and end time will be set to 'all day' event.
- Various other small improvements and bug fixes.