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Posted:  26 Feb 2011 20:12
when I delete event, I don't see it anymore in the application but the records still exist in the DB (events & dates tables)

1- why is it so?
2- how do I tell luxcal to delete these events from the tables?
3- if not part of the application (bad idea), can I delete them from the tables with SQL? will it make any damage?

Posted:  26 Feb 2011 23:53   Last Edited By: Roel B.
1- Deleted events are 'earmarked' as deleted, but not removed from the database. This is done to keep the history for the Changes view. The Changes view still gives details of deleted events. It also gives the admin some control over the past.
2- To remove deleted events from the database, go to the admin's Database page, select Compact Database and click Start. Now all events deleted more than 30 days ago will be removed from the database. This should be done regularly, depending on the use of the calendar.
3- N.a.