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Posted:  01 Feb 2011 20:18
Looking for a FAQ or Simple update guide. for the Nube.. me... 

1. Do I have to backup the Database before update?
2. How do I update?

    a. Do I need to remove old LuxCal ? or just overwrite it.
    b. I haven't found button for Automaic Update??
3. I apologize if these are stupid questions. Just spent a week entering data into the Site,
    and thus a little nervous.   


ps. I'd like to give Luxsoft/You  credit ... is there a Powered by LuxCal link we should use.. :D
Posted:  09 Feb 2011 19:10   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Ian,
You will find detailed upgrade instructions in the file release_notes_luxcal_2.3.html.

If you didn't make any changes to the LuxCal scripts, the style sheets and language files, upgrading is really easy:
Backup and delete all LuxCal files - EXCEPT THE FILE 'CONFIG.PHP' - from your server and upload all files from the new LuxCal release.
That's all.
Posted:  09 Feb 2011 19:53
Thanks will give it a try.
backing up .. oh yeah .. Good idea.. ;)

thanks again.
Posted:  21 Nov 2011 10:41
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