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Posted:  25 Jan 2011 16:25
I have the calendar setup and working (works very good by the way), but now I wish to get the email notifications setup. I am running the calendar as a localhost with the DB on the same Windows 2003 server. I have read a number of posts about Cron jobs, but I am not familiar with this term. How do I go about setting up a cron job, and where is a good place to get the cron source from?

Posted:  10 Feb 2011 12:11   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Just a short explanation:
Cron jobs are an easy way to start scripts periodically in an automated way.
For the LuxCal notification emails to work, the script lcalcron.php in the root of the calendar must be started daily at around 2am.
Most web hosts have a cron service which needs as input:
1) the script to be started
Which is <root of your LuxCal installation>/lcalcron.php
(find out the <root of your LuxCal installation> from your ISP)
2) a specification of when this script should be started
The specification of when to start the script is often entered in the Unix notation. For LuxCal the Unix notations looks as follows:
0 2 * * * (minute hour day month weekday)
Note: '*' means 'every' (day/month/weekday).

If your web host doesn't support cron jobs, you can also use a (free) web service. There are many free cron job services available on the web, e.g.
When using a free web service, the script to start is:

Hope this helps,
Posted:  19 May 2012 13:39
I tried the method you described above because I have a Windows domain on GoDaddy and a different domain on GoDaddy that is Linux, on the Linux box I setup a cron job and the command line points to the lcalcron.pho on the Windows domain, but when the cron job runs the Linux cron manager emails me a message that says "No such file or directory", double clicking on the web address in the email runs the lcalcron.php, so the file really exists. Is there a trick to entering a web address versus a real Linux command in the cron job?

Or is the delay in loading the web page causing the error message?


ps: Is there a web to change the text color in this forum? Tthis light blue is hard to read for these old eyes.
Posted:  20 May 2012 23:21   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Jim,

I'm not an expert on Windows domains. I'm not sure, but I think this question should be asked to you ISP, or maybe posted on the internet.
I don't believe the delay in loading the web page has anything to do with it.

I hate old eyes to be too strained, so I changed the light blue to more dark blue in this forum ;-)
Posted:  21 May 2012 02:05
Can't really tell the difference in the color.

Googleing I think I need to use the Wget command to kick off the web address.  This is in a cron job on a Linux box, so forget about where the web site really is.  I'll know after tonight when it tries to run.

Posted:  22 May 2012 14:39   Last Edited By: Jdell

Here's the command line I used for the cron job on the Linux box

wget -q

At 2 a.m in the morning it accesses the calcron.php on the Windows box and checks for changes.


note: the website address is not really mine, I don't need strangers excuting the cron job;)
Posted:  23 May 2012 00:03

PS. The forum text has really changed to a darker color. Try right-click and "reload".
Posted:  24 May 2012 04:05
Yes it is black, much easier to read & print;)