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Posted:  08 Jan 2011 22:23
Hi there,

I was wondering, if the calendar is mobile proof?,
can it be used on a smartphone?

If not is there a possibility to arrange so.

Posted:  09 Jan 2011 19:44
Hi Corina,
The calendar has not been designed to be 'mobile proof', however, it produces ordinary XHTML and JavaScript and therefore I believe it should be possible.
However, some views might be hard to read on a small display.
I would suggest just to try and see if it is workable.

Posted:  09 Mar 2011 16:10
Seems to work fine on an iPhone.
Posted:  06 Aug 2011 20:44
i have a iphone but if i login i can see everything like week year month etc

one thing i cant see is admin dropdownmenu
ps. sorry for my bad english
Posted:  06 Aug 2011 21:31
Hi evinx,
That's correct. To gain space on the rather small smart phone display, we thought it would be best to do your admin changes from your home/work PC and use your smart phone just to consult the calendar and add/edit events.
(If you are desperate, send me your email address (via the contact us page) and I will send you a changed file which will allow you to access the admin drop down menu on your smart phone. (No guarantees on perfect display of admin pages on your smart phone))