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Posted:  21 Nov 2010 12:34
First I need to sincerely thank you for a great calendar!!!

I know it is possible to view all categories or individual categories, but can you tell me if it is possible to view only selected multiple categories?

All the best

Posted:  21 Nov 2010 13:53
Hello donnlondon,
I'm sorry, this is currently not possible. It displays either all categories or one selected category.
So far nobody asked for being able to select multiple categories to be displayed.
From programming point of view it would be easy to implement, but it would require a different, slightly more complicated,  user interface.
Posted:  14 Jul 2011 11:10
Instead of just posting a request I did a quick search and saw @donnlondon already made this request.  I know it's an old thread, but I just wanted to mention that I'm interested in this ability as well.  It'd be nice to be able to place a check in a box next to all the categories you'd like displayed so you could choose to show whatever combination of categories you wanted to.

Or even better, in order to keep the wonderful simplicity of the user interface the way it works now, be able to set up "master categories."  The user could set up whatever "master categories" to include whatever normal categories they wanted.  My for instance:  My main use of the software is for my very complicated work schedule.  I currently have two categories set up, "regular hrs" and "overtime hrs".  There are reasons I want these categorized separately.  But it would be nice to be able to set up a "master category" called "work" which included both "regular hrs" and "overtime hrs."  This way I could choose the single master category "work" to see my entire work schedule at once.  I'd imagine this is something which others might find useful as well.

I actually never thought I'd use categories at all, but am finding them to be, even in my limited use, very helpful.

I guess I'm just overly excited about finally, after several months of trials, finding a calendar that is so professionally done, with few to no errors, which works so well.  And it fits in perfectly with my needs, but is also loaded with extras.  Thank you so much!  I'll certainly take it as-is with a big 'ole smile - again, no complaints here -- just thoughts...
Posted:  14 Jul 2011 21:07   Last Edited By: Roel B.
I'm happy to see that you are so excited about the LuxCal calendar :)

I'm afraid that the notion of a "master" category is a bit overkill for the average user, but I like the suggestion to be able to select multiple categories.
As a matter of fact in an HTML form it is quite possible to have a drop down list from which the user can select multiple items. I will add this to our "to do" list.
Posted:  15 Jul 2011 10:51
Yeah, I understand what you mean about overkill.  I'd just hate to lose the simplicity of the interface in this regard is all - but perhaps with your apparent knack for perfection the check boxes could work out just fine.  ;)
Posted:  16 Jul 2011 10:49   Last Edited By: Wylde
No check boxes would be required, just the extra coding to enable ctrl+clicking in the current drop-down menu. :Dcool

Posted:  16 Jul 2011 17:51   Last Edited By: Roel B.
@ Wylde: That's exactly what I said in the last line of my previous post.

I've implemented this "multiple selection" solution, but didn't like it for two reasons:
1. The select box permanently shows more than one option, so it doesn't fit in navigation bar anymore. (As a matter of fact minimum three options must be shown to have scroll bars)
2. An extra button (submit) is required.

So I discarded this implementation and abandoned this idea.

What I could do is leave the category drop down menu as it is and "add up" categories when a user selects two or more categories after each other, until "All categories" is selected which will reset the "added up" categories.
For example:
1. the user selects "bank holiday" - the calendar will only show events in category "bank holiday"
2. the user selects "day off" - the calendar will show events in cat "bank holiday" and in cat "day off"
3. the user selects "All categories" - the calendar will show all events and resets the previous filter.

What do you think of this? Or, any other bright ideas?

Posted:  16 Jul 2011 22:27
Was browsing around looking for an actual "combobox" multiselect. Ran across this:

I haven't had a really good look at it, perhaps this sort of approach could work? First problem I see though is the wrapping once you select enough items to fill the box.

I supposed you could allow the navigation bar to expand with the box if it fills.

Just a thought ;)
Posted:  24 Jul 2011 08:43
@Roel B.
I like your idea - very simple, refined, would fit into the interface well.  Would it be difficult to also show any activated category as selected so you could easily tell which categories were currently in play?  And maybe even make it so if you clicked on an activated category it would deactivate just that single category?  In addition, I mean, to "switching off" all category selections when you click "All Categories," as you noted.

These two ideas aren't a HUGE deal, just thought they might be a nice addition to your thought is all.