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Posted:  01 Oct 2010 18:55
Hi. Roel.

Thanks again and again for making this so awesome.

Is there a way to create drop down that will summarize the categories
in a upcoming event format for the year ?

We are using LuxCal as a multicultural calendar. So it would be great to be able
to see for example all Japanese events for the year. Maybe when they select a category?

here is Our web:
Toronto MultiCultural Calendar

Posted:  02 Oct 2010 07:32   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Ian,

Great website!
If you select category "Japan" in your calendar and if on the Settings page you would set the "Days to look ahead" (under "View Settings") to 365, then in any view you would see all Japanese events for the coming year.
Is that what you are looking for, or did I misunderstand you?
Posted:  02 Oct 2010 18:19
I'd actually like to change the setting when the user selects a category.
Upcoming events would show events as normal but when the user selects

Say: Japan it would display the full year..  of all the Japanese events for the year
is this possible???
Posted:  09 Oct 2010 07:10
This is currently not possible and would require a change, in the header.php file and maybe in one or two other files as well.
Posted:  11 Oct 2010 12:23

A work-around for your web site could simply be making a link to a dedicated page displaying the specific information you want.  Since you are displaying the calendar in an I-frame, have the parent web page select the I-frame specific catagory that you made up.

For example, your main page could default to All Catagories and your specific page call Japan.  Since your default Upcoming categories shows 7 days, save a second copy of the LuxCal in a different folder and make the default Upcoming to show 365 days since it will use the same database for it's content.  Depending on which folder the link points to will determin how many days are shown.

If you go this route, comment out the Categories selector box in the header.php around line 92    ......hdr_categories........

Posted:  10 Feb 2013 18:35
Have latest Luxcal running on computer fine. When I run on Ipad, there is nothing but login, no other choices and user is in middle of line above. Any help?