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Posted:  13 Sep 2010 16:10
Hi Roel,

I don't know if it is possible? A sort of address book would be handy!
Especially when sending email reminders.
Maybe a sort of checkbox?
Now it is a lot of clicking back from programme to programme and copy and paste.:D

Hope you can figure somthing out.

Tot horens!

Corina vd Berg
Posted:  16 Sep 2010 09:55
Hello Corina,

A sort of address book . . . with names and email addresses, I assume . . .
What would you like to do with it? Just select email addresses for the email reminders, or do you have other things in mind as well?

Vriendelijke groeten,
Posted:  16 Sep 2010 20:55
Hi Roel,

For starters names and email addresses would be fine!
Preferable complete addressbook, with option to select email address for the reminders.

Vriendelijke groet,

Posted:  16 Dec 2010 14:04

For email addresses it would be nice to export or import them into the program.

Posted:  12 Feb 2011 21:29
my 2 cents:

If addressbook, better to have "real" addressbook with phone numbers etc.

Since it might be quite a task, why won't you recommend an addressbook which is as good and as nice as your LuxCal?
Posted:  15 Feb 2011 08:28
Hi there,

I now use a separate online addressbook.

Posted:  25 Mar 2011 17:41

It is possible to select the email users for notification?

Send to all... or choose the luxcal users to receive the event notification....

Maybe 2 listbox( one list the register email users) and the other to Add for notificate.

That textbox is limited to 256 chars...