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Posted:  26 Aug 2010 17:59
In your description of the software it says you have a RSS feed for the calendar. How does this work? How can I see my calendar's RSS feed?

Posted:  26 Aug 2010 18:45   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hello Chris,
When you have started the calendar:
If you are using Firefox, you will see an orange RSS-feed icon on the right side of the web address field in the header of the browser.
If you are using IE 8, you will see a similar orange RSS-feed icon somewhere in the header of the Internet Explorer.
You can just click on this icon to see the calendar's RSS-feeds (in a basic format). If you are using a dedicated RSS-feed reader (like for instance 'Sage" in Firefox) you can ask the reader to automatically detect the calendar's RSS-feeds.
You can also browse to the LuxCal RSS-feeds (which should normally not be necessary) by using the following url:
Posted:  26 Aug 2010 18:48

Wow you guys rock!
Posted:  01 Sep 2010 23:29
Is there a way to change the RSS feed to display the events in chronological order rather than by posted date?
Posted:  02 Sep 2010 11:47   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Some minor changes would be required to the rssfeed.php script.
I think RSS-feeds with events in chronological order would be better for all users. So I will change the rssfeed.php script.
What I suggest to do is use the admin setting "Days to look ahead" (currently used for the Upcoming Events view) for the RSS feeds as well. So the RSS feeds will produce all events (which are not "private") for the number of "Days to look ahead".
Posted:  07 Sep 2010 21:44
Thanks Roel. I'll be looking forward to the update!
Posted:  08 Sep 2010 08:53
It's already in Chris. LuxCal version 2.2.1.
Posted:  08 Sep 2010 21:41
Thanks Roel.

With the last version I was able to change the RSS feed so it read like bellow pretty easily.

Now I'm having a hard time doing this with the new version. Any help would be appreciated!
Posted:  09 Sep 2010 22:15
Hi Chris,
Your wish is my command ;) I've made the change for you. Send me your email address (via Contact Us) and I will mail the updated rssfeed.php file to you.
Posted:  13 Sep 2010 16:10   Last Edited By: ChrisHornick
Thanks Roel! You rock.
Posted:  10 Feb 2011 00:45
Hello SD22,
See my reply in your separate post concerning this problem.