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Posted:  02 Aug 2010 08:54   Last Edited By: elementX
Moin Roel,

at first:  I like Luxcal - great Programm!

I use Luxcal 2.0 and the current Firefox.

If I'am logged in as an user "xy" and I use the small calendar to choose the day to add Event
>> after pressing the button "add event" the current input window get full screen and I can't get out.
Then I must close the Browser, reopen the Programm --> that procedure is not nice.

Do you have any solution??

I would give you an access to my calendar, but would not want this here to post.

Posted:  02 Aug 2010 11:31
Hello eX,
In the very beginning of LuxCal 2.0 someone else reported the same problem. I thought the problem was solved now. If not, I'm interested to solve it as soon as possible.
I would suggest to upgrade to LuxCal 2.1 and see if the same problem persists? There is no risk; LuxCal 2.1 doesn't affect the database content.
If you want to send me the URL of your calendar, please use the email address at the bottom of the Contact Us page.
Posted:  02 Aug 2010 13:22
Moin Roel,

I installed die current version 2.1 -- same problem. I wrote you a mail.

Posted:  04 Aug 2010 19:35
Hello Roel B.

I got the same problem too, I'm installed at local computer, and after I click the arrow to next month, and then add events, the bug appear..........I also installed the ver. 2.1....thx.

Best Regards
Posted:  04 Aug 2010 22:52   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hello Jimjim,
I'm working on it.
The strange thing is that I can't reproduce the problem in our calendar installations.
I think eX, who started this thread, is also running the calendar on his local computer. That makes me think.
Are you running something like XAMPP on your computer?

As soon as I have found a solution, I will post it here.
Posted:  05 Aug 2010 08:17   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hello Roel,
Thanks for your trouble.
Sorry your new file has nothing changed. It became even worse.

Only a short explanation: I have a "Synology Diskstation DS-209+". That is independent server based on Linux. There is a WebServer installed with Apache/2.2.13 (Unix) and MySQL Version 5.1.34..
Yesterday I have XAMMP on my computers installed, there run LuxCal well. But under my Server ==> you know the Problem.

Posted:  06 Aug 2010 19:17
Thx. So you are both (Jimjim and eX) running LuxCal on your locally installed (Apache) server. Maybe at a later stage I would like to have your phpinfo() to compare with mine.
Thanks eX for allowing me access to your server for testing. This will help a lot to solve this intriguing problem. Wait for results in this post.
Posted:  08 Aug 2010 08:07   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Roel,

I've sent you the URL, and the problems also appear after I click the next/previous month. thx.

Posted:  08 Aug 2010 23:31
Hello Jimjim,

By email eX said the following:

I installed LuxCal again with a new MySQL Database >> all is fine.
Big surprise, a miracle must have happened, because I changed nothing. :-)
<end quote>

Since nobody else complains about this, it must be something "on your side".
Posted:  09 Aug 2010 03:44
Hi Roel

May I ask are there any difference in php.ini??  thx.

Posted:  09 Aug 2010 05:18
Hi Roel

Here is my config, may I ask are there any problem?? thx.
Apache 2.2.4
PHP 5.2.3
MySQL 5.0.45

Posted:  10 Aug 2010 11:58
Hi Roel

I tried to uninstall Appserv 2.5.9 and installed
easyphp 5.3.3, which run PHP 5.3.3 | Apache 2.2.16 | MySQL 5.1.49 | PhpMyAdmin 3.3.5
Then all work fine, so I think LuxCal can't run under MySQL version 5.1.xx...........T.T.....

Posted:  10 Aug 2010 12:52
Thanks Jim,

The MySQL database used by LuxCal is very simple and straightforward, so it sounds a bit strange. But I have to admit that for eX the problem was also solved after reinstalling the MySQL database.
So one never knows . . .
I will see if I can do some testing with MySQL.

Thanks again for letting us know.
Posted:  26 Aug 2010 04:16

I got the same problem.

I left luxcal without logging out. The after several days, I came back to the calender and added an event (because I saw that I was still logged on). Then I got the maximized add event screen.

Hmmm, what can I do?

- Ketut
Posted:  26 Aug 2010 04:19   Last Edited By: ketut
OK, trigger finger problem here...

I fixed the add event problem by removing all temporary internet files, including cookies, etc.

I think the calendar state got a little confused, so I decided to pretend that I am a new visitor (by deleting the cookies etc).

That works out for me.

- Ketut

ps. I have to add this note to thank you all for such a great software product! Keep up the good work.
Posted:  31 Aug 2010 11:59   Last Edited By: jimjim
Hi Roel,

same problem with ver.2.3, when using Appserv 2.5.9.........Mysql 5.0.45......problems appear again, thx.

Posted:  31 Aug 2010 21:52   Last Edited By: figgarro
I'm currently having the same issue, although we always get stuck with the add event window even after exiting out of the browser, the only way to fix is to clear the cookies.  Using the newest version.

Posted:  31 Aug 2010 23:40   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Daryl and Jim,
Please send me your email address (through the Contact Us page). I will then send you a new index.php file with explicit measures to avoid the display of the Event page in the main calendar window.
If this works for you, I will post an updated LuxCal zip-file for download, so that also others having the same problem can profit from it.
Posted:  01 Sep 2010 13:47
Hi Roel,

The index file work!!  thx so much!!thump_up

Best Regards
Posted:  28 Feb 2011 22:53
I have this same problem.  Not on my development environment, but in production.  Please advise.
Posted:  28 Feb 2011 23:26
Hi Reilly,
Are you using the latest  LuxCal version (2.3.2)? This problem is supposed to be solved quite a while ago (Sept. 2010).
Posted:  01 Mar 2011 19:58
Whoops!  Thanks.  Upgraded and it's working fine now.  ;)