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Posted:  22 Jul 2010 13:39   Last Edited By: Roel B.
This is a stability release in which many small - most of the time minor - problems have been solved. The scripts have been scrutinized, are now more robust and don't produce PHP E_Notices any more (see below).

Summary of implemented topics:

Duplicating events (Done)
In the Add / Edit event window a button will be added to save an existing event as a new event without closing the event window. This will allow the user to duplicate events (add multiple identical events) for instance on different dates.
"Notify Now" check box in Add/Edit Event window (Done)
In addition to the normal notify capability to send an email reminder to a (list of) email address(es), the user can now tick a check box to immediately send an email notification when adding, editing or deleting an event.
Much cleaner PHP code (Done)
All LuxCal scripts have been scrutinized and improved to avoid PHP E_Notices. E_Notices are normally switched off in PHP and don't really harm. However, avoiding E_Notices is better and results in more robust scripts which are less likely to contain bugs.
Various minor changes (Done)
- "Back' buttons have been added to to the admin pages Users and Categories.
- On the Login/Register/Change my data pages entered username and email address formats are validated
- RSS feeds are now displayed in chronological order, rather than by posted date.
- Some (last) admin user interface texts have moved to the admin user-interface language file
- Added to event window: display warning message if repeat end date < event start date.
- Problem for users with their own server "display of Event page in main calendar window" solved.
- Several minor bugs have been fixed.