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Posted:  15 Jul 2010 01:54
I just installed LuxCal 2.0 onto a shared hosting environment that is running PHP 5.2.13. I originally started with v1.4 which worked fine, but when I tried to upgrade it did not work correctly. I uninstalled everything, (i.e. deleted ALL associated files, removed the database) loaded the new files (v2.0) onto the server, then proceeded to reinstall. The reinstall worked perfectly and the calendar pulls up just fine as the Public User.

My problem comes in when I try to login. I try to login with the admin user account and it kicks me back to the index.php page under the Public User account. Clicking Log In again takes me into the admin user account and lists all available options. If I choose anything; for example, the Users selection in the drop down, it tells me that I do not have the rights to view that page and defaults back to the Public User. The crazy thing is that after clicking Log In repeatedly (random number of times) from 2 to 10+ it will again log me in as the admin user. This happens without retyping the credentials and shows me the admin functions in the top menu bar. I have cleared out the cookies and have not saved the password anywhere, yet it still exhibits this behavior.

At this point I am really unsure of what to do next as I cannot update any events on the calendar or change anything with the users or settings. I really like the calendar, but at this point it is unusable. I would love to have the added features of the 2.0 version, but maybe I should back down to a previous one? Any assistance that you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Posted:  15 Jul 2010 05:27
Wow, can't believe I missed the sessions. Once I enabled sessions, I was able to maintain a connection with the account and edit as required. Sorry for the unnecessary post, but maybe someone else can make use of it.

Posted:  15 Jul 2010 15:19
Yes indeed, sessions are being used for storing the credentials of identified (logged in) users.
I'm very happy your problem is solved. Thanks for sharing this with us.