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Posted:  01 Jun 2010 18:58

Hope someone can help this database newbie (be kind pls!)

First, tried to install on a local testing server (which has no password on the database), but apparently I can't install without putting in a password.

So, then uploaded the files to my website to try it out. But I get this error message:

"Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Unknown MySQL server host 'http' (1) in /home/dpfcjw/public_html/luxcal/install.php on line 83

Error: Unable to connect to MySQL"

Looking at my web host's support files, they tell me that the hostname to connect to databases is localhost. The info I put into the database username and password fields were those that I created when I created the database.

I know I'm doing something unbelievably stupid. Could someone pls point me in the right direction?
Posted:  01 Jun 2010 19:29   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi D,
First you last statement: There are a lot of stupid people, but they are mostly famous. Are you famous? ;)
Now let's go to your problem:
When using a MySQL database there are two steps:
1. connecting to the database and thereafter
2. selecting a database
For the first step the following is needed: the host name (or server name), often 'localhost', a username and a password.
For the second step the following is needed: The database name.
Your connect (step 1) failed, which means that one of the following problems occurred: you didn't create the database successfully (which is unlikely, because you are not stupid), or the host name is incorrect (which is unlikely because your host's support file say it's localhost), which leaves only your username and password. So are you 100% sure that during the installation of LuxCal you have entered exactly the right database username and database password (not to be confused with the calendar administrator username and password)?
Please beware: Everything is case sensitive!
Posted:  20 Apr 2011 16:17
In my case, the problem is the second step.

The error msg is: Unable to select the database

I tried to create with several names, changing privileges to users, defining new one... but nothig.

Can you send me the sql commands to create the tables?
Posted:  21 Apr 2011 23:34
You can find the SQL commands in the install.php file.
If you delete (or rename) the config.php file, the install procedure will started and create the database for you.