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Posted:  26 Dec 2017 18:27
I am on a Windows server.  I have both PHP and Cold Fusion running.  I have several PHP programs that run just fine, including the calendar that I've been using for years.

If I add an event and ask it to send me an email now and in x days, I get the email for now, but I do not get the x days email reminder.

Since I am on Windows, I do not have cron, but Cold Fusion has a task scheduler and I have many tasks that run regularly.

I added to run once a day.  If I visit that link, it does not give an error and goes to the calendar page.

Any suggestions on how to get the x day reminders?

Posted:  27 Dec 2017 10:08
Hello Cliff,

I assume you set up the cron job in LuxCal? Schwartz provides an example at his website which you can see here.

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Posted:  27 Dec 2017 23:05
Hi Cliff,

If Dan's post didn't help, please have a look in the the logfile "logs/luxcal.log" to see if the lcalcron.php file was correctly started by your cronjob. In the log file each "Cron job started" entry should end with "OK".
If not let me know.
Posted:  28 Dec 2017 17:34
Dan, yes, it is set up (I think).  Can't figure out how to attach a screenshot, but mine looks just like the example in the link you gave.
The only difference is I select local for the host.

Here is what the most recent entry from the log shows:
2017.12.28 03:15:00 Script: lcalcron:109 - Cron job started - Cron host: local - Remote IP address: - Aborted.

There are line like that for every day.
Posted:  29 Dec 2017 15:35
Cliff, Are you running under a Windows server on your own computer?

"Little Guy"
Some own motorcycles, others ride them.

Find great LuxCal examples by Schwartz at
Posted:  01 Jan 2018 14:40   Last Edited By: Roel B.

Your log message helps a lot! We're almost there smile

Your log message tells me that that your cron is coming form a remote IP address, or - because it is coming from Cold Fusion - is considered by PHP to come from a remote IP address.
This means that on the calendar's  admin's Settings page , under Periodic Functions (one but last section), you should set Cron job host (1st item) to "Remote".
If the IP address in the log message is fixed, you can also set the Cron job host to "IP address" and specify the IP address from the log message. This is slightly more secure than just "Remote".
This may look strange, but eh, sigh, yeah, we have to face the facts: it is a Windows server wink

Please let us know if this solved your problem.
Posted:  02 Jan 2018 14:16
Thank you, I just made that setting, I'll create a couple of test message and see if they send over the next few days.
Posted:  03 Jan 2018 14:47

Thank you!
Posted:  03 Jan 2018 17:19