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LuxCal Forum / General / Problems / All Day event on the same day squeeze into a single cell
Posted:  11 Oct 2017 15:01
Hi, im using the latest version on my website. Everything looks good except if i key in multiple all day events on the same day, the details are squeeze into one cell on week and day view. However on month view, it stack vertically which is what i need. On the day and week view it stack horizontally (shows one event after the other horizontally). Is there a setting i can set to display it stack by stack vertically on day and week view? Like what it did on month view?
Posted:  11 Oct 2017 18:42
Hello Hizam

In week and in day view, the events is shown related to the start and end times.
If events have overlap, they will be shown beside each other.

If you want events to be shown stacked for a day or a week, you could use one of the displays that is delivered in the latest version.

Using the display, will do that each event will/can be shown stacked accordind to the starting time for the event.

You can see an example of the display here :

Hope this was helpful for you.

Kind regards