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Posted:  20 Aug 2017 19:39

We use the calendar with Swedish language.
The title is Knoppen 15 Gästrum

When sending email the sender is displayed as Knoppen_15_G_astrum <> - expected that to be the title, but would prefer to have "Rum Knoppen 15" as display name

In the subject we get: Knoppen15 G"astrum - "Andrad h"andelse: James Elis

Correct would be to have: Knoppen15 Gästrum - Ändrad händelse: James Elis

Have we missed something in settings ?
Same result both with PHP or SMTP email, Version 4.5.2


/Magnus Ström
Posted:  21 Aug 2017 13:14
Hello Magnus

This is strange. The calendar uses UTF8 so there should be no problem with the national characters. I use the Danish language. We have the æøå and the calendar have no problem with this.

You do not tell if it it the M or the L version you are using.

If it is the M version, then you could check the database and see which chaeacter set is used.

If you have some events that is imported, there could also be a problem if the file imported from,  is not UTF8.

Is it only in the mails you have problem with the characters ?

Kind regards
Posted:  28 Aug 2017 23:42

It's only in the subject line of the e-mails we have problems with national characters. Body text is fine.
It's M version, which have been upgraded in two steps from v2.3.2 via v2.7.2 to v4.5.2M.
Database is using UTF-8 Unicode (utf8) - and has been the same since before upgrade.
Before upgrade we didn't have problem with characters in the subject - but where failing to send after PHP upgrade..

Posted:  29 Aug 2017 11:55
Hi Magnus,

I had a problem with a different script with PHP when sending emails. It turned out the subject line was too long. I'm not saying that is your problem but it might be. Try changing the subject of the email to something short as a test.

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Posted:  29 Aug 2017 20:56
Hi Dawn!

The subject line at it's shortest - is the room title and subject of booking,in my case 32 characters - should be fine I would have thought.

I have checked through a few emails that either have right character representations or not.
What I have found is that Quoted text works well across Windows and Mac environment.
Luxcal uses Bnary encoding.
Subject: =?utf-8?B?S25vcHBlbjE1IEciYXN0cnVtIC0gIkFu
ZHJhZCBoImFuZGVsc2U6IE1hZ251cyBTdHIib20=?= (added  as line break cause editor complained on long word
Subject: =?utf-8?Q?Re:_SV:_Dags_f=C3=B6r_mys_p=C3=A5_Buller=C3=B6!?=
Found a short guide describing differences as well :

Maybe gives an idea ?
Posted:  31 Aug 2017 18:38   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Magnus,

LuxCal uses base64 encoding ("B"), which is fine for utf-8 characters.
I did some testing, and I think there is an other problem: the LuxCal transliterates the subject ohmy
This was needed in older calendar versions that did not send the subject with utf-8 encoding.

The following should solve your problem . . .
Edit the file common/messaging.php and replace line 24

    $subject = translit("{$set['calendarTitle']} - {$subject}");
    $subject = "{$set['calendarTitle']} - {$subject}";

Please let us know if this solved the problem.