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Posted:  09 Aug 2017 10:41
My English is not that good.
I would like to send notifications via Cronjob as SMS. The structure of the file should look like this.
To send the SMS, mails must be sent to the specified address. Which file I have to adjust so this structure appears.

Posted:  14 Aug 2017 10:02
Hi there,

Sending SMSes instead of emails is not something you can easily change in the calendar. we are currently working on the a next LuxCal calendar version, which will have the possibilities to send email and / or SMS notifications.
Posted:  20 Aug 2017 15:08
It is possible to add SMS to the emails?  Simply add code to the Cron to send an SMS along side the emails?  Google calendar used to do this but they stopped doing it.
Posted:  20 Aug 2017 16:06
Hello apachert07

There will in the next version of the calendar, be a possibility to send mails AND SMS ( as Roel tells ).

It will be via the cronjob as it is today.
It will be possible to specify if a message shall be sent as a mail, as a SMS or as both.
I think there will be created a "new" message system, that is prepared for also future communication-methods.

Of course the SMS will be only with a short text - it will function as a reminder for the event.

I only have this information as rumors from the LuxCal lab.

I think Roel will tell some more as he is near a beta-version.
The beta-crew is ready when the time comes wink

Kind regards
Posted:  20 Aug 2017 22:06
OK, that is great. Do you know when it will be ready?