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Posted:  02 Aug 2017 12:11
In settings, User accounts I tick the box that says "Restore last user selections"

I change the view on the calendar to show only one category,log out, log in and all categries are shown again

Am I missing something? I have attached an animated gif (let's hope it works)
Posted:  02 Aug 2017 22:41   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi there,

Your animated gif works well!.
The problem you've reported is a bug ohmy
When leaving the calendar without logging out and thereafter opening the calendar again, the last selected options are restored. The problem only occurs when you log in again. (That's the reason I didn't notice this problem; I hardly ever log out and in.)

When you apply the following bug fix, the problem will be solved:

Edit the index.php file in the calendar root and replace line 160 . . .
if (empty($_POST['lcI'])) { //external hit - update login data & load last selected options
by . . .
if (empty($_POST['lcI']) or isset($_POST['bake'])) { //external hit or log in - update login data & load last selected options

Thanks for reporting this problem.
Posted:  03 Aug 2017 12:18

I presume that it works off a local cache? It does not carry over onto new browser tabs etc, but that is fine. Works well for us

Posted:  03 Aug 2017 13:20
The last selected options are stored in a cookie, so, yes, it does carry over to new browser tabs. The name of the cookie is "LCAL" followed by the lower case calendar name; so if you have only one calendar in use, the cookie name will probably be "LCALmycal".
However, if you would be using two different browsers (e.g. Firefox and Opera) it does not carry over from one browser to the other (because browsers don't share cookies).