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Posted:  26 Jul 2017 14:52
We always do maintenance on Tuesday and Thursday

So for example

Machine 1 will be maintened on the 2nd Tuesday - every 2 months

I can do every 2nd Tuesday of every month or a specific month, but not every two / three / four months, or even to select more than one month

Posted:  27 Jul 2017 10:47
Hi there,
I don't understand why you can't select every two / three / four months.
In the Event window, when you select [Change] next to the No repeat text, and select the second option in the Set Repetition overlay, then you can select "Repeat every <number> day / week / month / year.

Posted:  28 Jul 2017 11:19
Hi Roel

Thanks for the reply. I assume the method you describe repeats on the same date every 2, 3 months etc? So the repeat in 3 months could fall on a Monday, or a Saturday etc.

We need it to be specifically every third Thursday, every three months for example

We have a work around at the moment by creating multiple entries, so every third thursday in January. A new event would be every thrid thursday in April

But ideally it would be one event
Posted:  29 Jul 2017 20:55

Then you would set it to repeat every 13 weeks. I believe that gets you what you want. The 13 weeks is every three months. Since you pick the Thursday with it repeating in 13 weeks it would be on Thursday in the third week of the month.

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Posted:  31 Jul 2017 15:01
Posted:  02 Aug 2017 23:30
Great Dan. Thanks.
Posted:  03 Aug 2017 00:04
Happy to do whatever I can to help Roel.

Kind regards,
"Little Guy"
Some own motorcycles, others ride them.

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