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Posted:  27 Jun 2017 13:35
Ist es möglich die Export Funktion für alle Nutzer zur Verfügung zu stellen? Also nicht nur für den Admin.
Posted:  29 Jun 2017 23:18   Last Edited By: Roel B.
To make the iCal export function available for all users, a couple of program changes would be needed. It shouldn't be too difficult to create an additional button for instance next to the print button on the navigation bar. Should this function really be available for all users, or only for logged in users. For all users means anybody!
What calendar version are you using?
Posted:  30 Jun 2017 12:03
I know this wasn't directed to me Roel. Initially I was thinking only logged in users. Then I thought you might have a situation where the admin or manager creates events and most users don't register or log in. I can think of the Hockey group that uses LuxCal. The team members might want to export the events so they can import them into their own calendar.

If you were going to add this feature there is a suggestion I would make. Since under "Options" those viewing the calendar can have only certain events displayed by category or user group I would have it so they can export using the same filters. That way if I'm in the Junior group I'm not getting all of the events.

Kind regards,
"Little Guy"
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Posted:  02 Jul 2017 10:53   Last Edited By: Roel B.
I agree with Dan

The option to export should be a matter of settings in user-group. Here there should be a checkbox : Ical export allowed.
Default should be not-checked. This way the admin can give certain users access, no user access, or all users access - even public users. If checked, then a download button is available for the user.
WHAT the users are allowed to download should be the same they have access to view - they should be able to download own private events but not other private events and so.

Kind regards
Posted:  03 Jul 2017 16:39   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hello Dan and John,
I feel a bit guilty for not responding quicker to your excellent suggestions which I very much appreciate; but you know our horses really keep us busy ohmy

I very much agree with both of your suggestions:
- checkbox per user group to enable/disable the iCal export function for this group of users,
- and apply the filters the user selected in the Options Panel.

I would like your opinion on the following:
- Any suggestion on where to put this iCal export button (when it's enabled)? I could for instance add the button next to the Print button on the right side of the navigation bar, but too many buttons on the navigation bar will cause problems on a mobile device used in portrait (the total of buttons becomes too wide for the screen).
- Should this function be available on desktop as well as mobile devices?
Posted:  03 Jul 2017 19:57
Hello Roel

I would say, that as you already have made it configurable which and how many buttons should be available to the user, then you should maybe also let this be an option the user/admin can check.  It is only the admin that know if there is too many buttons. He can choose to have the buttons visible that meets his calendars needs.

So - an extra checkbox in settings - the button next to the print button ( if checked ).

If you ( the calendar ) knows on  what device it is shown, then it could be a matter of settings.
The luxury version would be that you had the settings for various breakpoints
Then the checkbox should be a number instaed of a "flag".
1 = greater than or equal to 1200px ( desktop )
2 = between 1199 and 720 px ( viewport 1 )
3= between 719 and 480 px ( vievport 2
4 = lower than 480 px ( mobile device )
If not checked ( no number given )  then the button will never be shown, regardlees of the settings in the user-group.

Roel - you know - when asked I will answer.

Kind regards
Posted:  03 Jul 2017 20:46

I was quicker than smart.

The breakpoints should of course be limjits, where if greater than  then the button should appear - if blank or 0 the button will newer appear.

1 = greater than 479
2 = greater than 719
3= greater than 1199

I hope this gives more meaning.

Example if value is 1 and the screen is 370 then nu button
if value = 1 and screen is 480 then button is shown
if value is 2 and screen is 480 then no button.
if value = 2 and screen is 720 then button is shown
if value = 3 and ......

This should function theoretical but if it is doable is another matter.

Kind regards
Posted:  03 Jul 2017 21:25
And once again

Missed a number

0 = never visible
1 = always visible
2 = only visible if greater than 479
3 = only visible if greater than 719
4= only visible if greater than 1199

i think I will stop now. It was just an idea but it had to be told the right way.
Posted:  04 Jul 2017 05:38
Like they say. Third time is the charm. thump_up
"Little Guy"
Some own motorcycles, others ride them.

Find great LuxCal examples by Schwartz at
Posted:  04 Jul 2017 12:13
What then about the fourth smile

I have been thinking some more. I think the mobiles are here to stay. And they are also being used where you would normally use a desktop.

In my suggestion, only the  buttons to the right are taking in consideration - but there are also possible buttons to the left.

Maybe it would be smarter with only one breakpoint ( the real problem is only for the mobiles I think - not the tablets )

Then in settings you had the settings for the buttons as there is now - and then an extra :

Button settings below xxx px. - the breakpoint could be set by the admin.

Then a user(admin) can configure the calendar for optimal performance on a desktop, where maybe all buttons are available - and then a setting for mobile, where only a minimum of buttons will be seen.

It is good that Roel made the displays. These are really good on mobiles.
With a breakpoint the "normal" calendar can also be more optimized to mobiles.

Kind regards