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Posted:  26 Apr 2017 00:22

I would like to use this calendar as a "shift planner". Ist ist somehow possible to change the names "Event" and "Title" to "new shift" and "Name" ?
Posted:  26 Apr 2017 10:27
Hello Jakob,

In the /lang folder you will find the language files for the language you are using. If you are using English, I assume you are because you said "Event". You will need to edit the file "ai-english.php" and replace the word "Event" with "New Shift" and "Title" with "Name".

If down the road you upgrade you will need to edit the language file again.

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Posted:  26 Apr 2017 10:52

Just one more thing. Would it be possible to have a dropdown menu for the names (Title). Like the categories? So that i can select the names.

Posted:  26 Apr 2017 11:15
Hello Jacob,

That's not so easy; then the titles (names) should be put in a separate database table, like the categories.
However, when entering a new event (shift) and the Event window opens, and I put the cursor in the Event title field, then the history feature of the browser (in my case Firefox) gives me a drop-down list with all earlier titles (names). Isn't this what you are looking for?
Posted:  26 Apr 2017 12:48
Hello Roel

Thats maybe a bit to complex ;) But is it possible to sort the categories in the month view? So that category A is always on top of the day?

Posted:  26 Apr 2017 16:00   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hello again Jacob,

To sort on category first, a minor change is required:
Edit the file common/retrieve.php and replace lines 32 and 33 from . . .

//sort on start/end time + date-time added (last added event at the top)
function sortEvts($a,$b) { return strcmp(str_pad($a['sort'],5).$b['adt'], str_pad($b['sort'],5).$a['adt']); }

to . . .

//sort on category name + start/end time + date-time added (last added event at the top)
function sortEvts($a,$b) { return strcmp($a['cnm'].str_pad($a['sort'],5).$b['adt'], $b['cnm'].str_pad($b['sort'],5).$a['adt']); }

That should do the trick.