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Posted:  18 Apr 2017 09:51

Is there a way by which we can sort the events in the upcoming view?

Right now they seem to be display in the order they have been entered...

Posted:  18 Apr 2017 12:22

In the demo in the upcoming view they appear in date order. For Wednesday April 26 when there are multiple events they are listed the correct order for the day.

In the settings for my calendar under Views for upcoming it has 123458.

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Posted:  18 Apr 2017 13:11
mmm I see.

I've entered several all-day events, all of them started on the 1st January and they end in different dates during 2017.

It seems that they've been sorted based on the starting date, as it is the same for all of them, they are being displayed in the order they have been entered.

It would be good in the future if we could choose the sorting criteria in the upcoming view.

Posted:  18 Apr 2017 22:45
Hi there,
What sorting criteria would you like to use for multi-day events?