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Posted:  11 Apr 2017 16:15
Dear All,

I have configured the "Send notification of calendar changes", marked it and tried entering only one e-mail address and also with a .txt file as mentioned in the instructions, but the email is not delivered.
The rest of the e-mails in the system works. When I add a booking I can copy it to any address, even the ones I enter in the system notificacion.

Thanks for your help.
Posted:  17 Apr 2017 18:14
I ran out of ideas, I don't want to mess with the code, as the function is supposed to be implemented in the version.

I tried PHP and SMTP email, direct addresses in the field and txt files in the files folder, sender to be the calendar and the user..  also saw a emlists folder and created the file there also. Nothing seems to work. I receive every other mail, but not the notificacion of calendar changes.
Posted:  18 Apr 2017 12:14

It is tied to the cron? Are you running the cron?

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Posted:  18 Apr 2017 15:44
Hello Dan,

As far as I understand and is explained in the settings, this notification is not related to a cron job.

The one you mention is in a different settings field "Periodic Functions (only relevant if cron job defined)"

I don't think the one I'm having problems with is cron related, as the only thing it's supposed to do is to send an e-mail whenever somebody makes a change in the calendar (add, remove, edit, etc).

A friend is helping me with the code today, hope to find something. If we work it out today, I will post it. If we don't we will move to a different calendar solution.
Posted:  18 Apr 2017 22:17
Hi there,
Dan's post made me think twice and I must admit that I was also thinking it concerned the list with calendar changes triggered by a cron jop. My 'thinking' was incorrect.
Now I have to admit that the option available on the admin's Settings page to send a direct notification email for each calendar change has not been implemented yet. This option is planned for the next calendar version and accidentally the Settings page prematurely gives the impression that it is already available in calendar V4.5.2.

I'm very sorry for the inconvenience. To make up for this glitch I'm offering to create a patch for you with an intermediate solution for LuxCal V4.5.2. I can make the email notification work; SMS notifications will be part of the next LuxCal version. Producing and testing this patch may take a few days.
If you want this intermediate solution, please send me your email address.
Posted:  20 Apr 2017 17:31
Roel B.

I really appreciate your work and even more that you take your time to explain.

I will feel a little guilty if you make this patch "just because of me".
Posted:  24 Apr 2017 14:40

First of all: LuxCal is a wonderful tool!  smile  I tried a lot of different calendars, but I didn't find anything comparable - neither for free or as pay version!  thump_up

If there is a workaround for the email notification, I would be happy to get it too! That's the only thing I am waiting for. All other options and possibilities are great!

Thanks & greetings from Vienna,