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Posted:  14 Mar 2017 18:37
Hello everyone,

I'm in France, and I would like to submit to you 2 of my problems:

1 - Is it possible to add in the options, a view that allows to display the day before, the day and the following day?
Knowing that when daylight and next day correspond to the weekend, it would be necessary to post on Saturday and Sunday.

2 - I would like to modify the display to have a horizontal result of this type:
Saturday 2 march: labeled ...
Sunday 3 march: labeled ...
Monday 4 march: labeled ...

Thanks for your Help.
Posted:  14 Mar 2017 18:57
Hello Tchicken

1 - it should be possible by setting the from date to DAY-1 and the to date ,to DAY+1.
Then the display always shows yesterday, today and tomorrow.
You could also use 2 displays - the one display showing the past and one showing today + future.
This way You can set the display up so always x number of events is shown. x number from past and x numbers from today+future.

2 - this should be possible. You have the :
$showWd = 0; //show week day above date (0: no, 1: full week day, >1: 3-letter week day
Using this You can have the weekday shown as You like. You can use this on both display 1 and display2.

If above does not address what You meant, then please specify some more.

You can maybe find some inspiration here :
and here :

Kind regards
Posted:  14 Mar 2017 19:11
You can find an example with 2 displays here :

The display that shows the future is special made to see how it looks with the full day.
I know it is not nice looking, but when using a smaller font and maybe not the full day name, then it will look nicer.

The display that shows the future is for showing the result of the matches ( Kamp ), and the ( Pulje ) is for showing the standing in the group. The "Pulje" will show the same for one team, whatever day is chosen, as it is the actual standing.

Hope You find a way to present Your data as You want it to be. I find the displays to be very flexible.

Kind regards