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Posted:  10 Mar 2017 01:09
Is is possible to setup the calendar in such a way, so that an admin or manager can create an event so that only a specified system user can see it?
Posted:  10 Mar 2017 10:27
Hello Geekmonkey

You could create a usergroup with just one user , and let this group have acces to all categories.
You could then create a "special" category.
The disadvantage of this is, that You for the group where the "normal" user is, has to specify acces to all categories EXCEPT the "special" category.
Then - when an admin or another user that has access to all categories, creates an event with the "special" category, then only the user You have given access to this category can view/edit this event.

If You were a club that had seniors and juniors, You could have a usergroup for seniors and a usergroup for juniors, and then when a senior-user selects a category, he only sees/ can select  the categories that has relevance for him.

You could make it so, that the special user can view the special category, but can't himself create an event in this category.
The key in this, is that You use the usergroup and the access to categories in usergroups.

And - beware of the public user rights.

Another way to do it, is by using multiple calendars.

If You could specify/explain why You want this, then maybe we could specify a better solution for You.

Kind regards
Posted:  10 Mar 2017 17:38
I am building a calendar for someone who wants to use it as a scheduler of events. But he would like to be able to also use it to send messages to individuals. What I ended up doing was creating a category that was set to needs approval. Then I can create an event and change the created BY area to who the message is for, that way while its listed as unapproved, only myself as admin and the user who its for can see it. (how ever, for some reason this is broken for the display1.php, it shows the event but when clicking on it says no edit rights.) however this works fine in the main calendar. If anyone would care to help me sort that issue out, i would greatly appreciate it.