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Posted:  10 Mar 2017 00:14
The system doesn't really delete users. Instead it just flags them as status -1. What harm would happen if you actually removed the record? If you are curious as to why? Leaving the record intact, let SSO users continue to log in even after being deleted. You would have to not only change the status to -1 but clear out the e-mail field as well.
Posted:  10 Mar 2017 12:50
Hi there,
Thanks for reporting this. You are right, SSO users should not be able to log in anymore once they are deleted. This is a flaw in the current calendar and will be changed in the next calendar version.
This can be fixed by editing the index.php file in the calendar root and change line 117 from . . .

$stH = stPrep("SELECT `ID` FROM `users` WHERE `email` = ?");

to . . .

$stH = stPrep("SELECT `ID` FROM `users` WHERE `email` = ? AND `status` >= 0");

Via the Periodic Functions, users which have not logged in since a specified (if specified on the admin's Settings page) number of days will be definitively removed from the database.
Posted:  10 Mar 2017 22:05
Thanks, I made the changes. Guys.. Keep up the good work, this is an excellent piece of coding.