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Posted:  06 Mar 2017 04:05
Is there a URL i can enter that would instantly show the login page if not already logged in? (IE prevent public view at all. require login at all times?)
Posted:  06 Mar 2017 12:22
There are two possibilities:
1. On the admin's User Group page, for the group "No access", set the access rights to "No access rights". And take care that on the admin's Users page the Public access user is assigned to group "No access". Now not logged in users will be instantly redirected to the log in page.
2. Add to the calendar URL "?cP=20" (without quotes). This will force the calendar to show the log in page.

In the latter case, of course users can see the URL and decide to try out the URL without "?cP=20". And if number 1 above is not properly configured, the user will still be able to view (and, depending on the configuration, edit) the calendar.

So number 1 above has the preference!
Posted:  07 Mar 2017 01:13
Worked.. Thanks.