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Posted:  02 Mar 2017 22:36
Ok, so in the upper left corners where the name of the site is held. Id like to replace that with an image. Easily done but, if the image is higher than 19px. it will drop below the menus.. I am looking to see what code changes or CSS updates could be added to cause the whole line to become taller, causing all other elements to drop down, say make the top bar 50px high instead of 19px.

Anyone who knows how this is coded wanna help me make those changes?
Posted:  03 Mar 2017 17:20   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Assuming you are using the latest LuxCal calendar version, this goes as follows . . .
- Log in as admin
- Select UI styling from the Administration menu
- On the User Interface Styling page, under General, bottom right, select 'content offset' : 20px and save the theme (the calendar body will now shift down)
- edit the file css.css.php and on line 87, for 'h1' change the padding from '4px 20px' to '24px 20px' and save the file to the server
- open the calendar and refresh the page (the navigation bar will now shift downwards)

Posted:  03 Mar 2017 20:31
Thank you, very helpful.