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Posted:  12 Feb 2017 01:12   Last Edited By: Roel B.
I have just installed LuxCal to a website and everything appears to be working EXCEPT I cannot add a new category. I can edit and save the 'no cat' category, but if I try to add a new one I get thrown to a '304 Forbidden'' error page. This happens whether I press 'add' or 'back'. Any ideas?
Many thanks - Tom
Posted:  12 Feb 2017 19:25   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Tom,
To be honest: No, no idea. In our test calendars this works fine. Nevertheless we will try to get this problem fixed.
I assume you have installed LuxCal version 4.5.2, is that right? You can find the version at the top of the Settings page.
Did you upgrade from an earlier LuxCal version? And if so, did you refresh the calendar home page at least once to get rid of old data in the browser cache?
If the rest is working ok, could you create a temp user account for me with admin rights and send me the URL of your calendar please.
Posted:  13 Feb 2017 17:35   Last Edited By: Roel B.
I've used LuxCal previously with no issues. New site calendar page is , login as 'roelb', pass is '*******'.
Posted:  14 Feb 2017 00:10   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Tom,
I logged into your calendar and changed the password to avoid other people logging in as well.
All functions I tested worked fine, EXCEPT - as you reported in your post above - adding a new category or even using the Back button.
When comparing the HTML source of the Add Category window and (for instance) the Add User window I could see that both forms, apart from the form fields of course, are very simple and similar. So this problem is really puzzling me.
I can't reproduce this problem in our test calendars and no one else ever reported the same problem. So I guess it must be something local to your installation.
You could try deleting all calendar files and sub-folders in the calendar directory, EXCEPT the lcconfig.php file in the calendar root and then upload all calendar files and folders again (this will not affecting any calendar settings).
I can also have a more thorough look, but then you will need to give me FTP access to you server, so that I can add some temp test lines to the scripts. In case you want me to do this, send me the host address, username and password via the Contact Us page (don't post the credentials here!).
Posted:  14 Feb 2017 00:52
Thanks Roel
Since the site is at an early stage and no real data has been input I'll try to re-install and see if that solves the issue. If not, I'll get back to you.
Thanks again
Posted:  24 Feb 2017 22:08
Since Tom's last post he gave me access to his website and server, so that I could further analyze this problem.

I found the problem and it is the strangest problem I've ever found in the calendar.

When creating a new event category, in the form field "Error message, if overlap", which ONLY FOR NEW CATEGORIES is filled with the default text "event overlap; select an other time", which is coming from the language file. The "403 Forbidden" problem is caused by the semi-colon in the default message text (just after the text "event overlap"). I don't know why, but maybe, when the form is submitted, this semi-colon in a POST parameter triggers something on the server which is not allowed.

The problem can be solved by editing the file "lang/ai-english.php", search for the text string "cat_ol_error_msg" and replace the semi-colon in the text message by a comma. If you are using other languages as well, of course the same should be done for the other language files.

Posted:  18 Apr 2017 09:39
Hi, I had the same issue and it was also solved by replacing the semi-colon by a comma.