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Posted:  19 Jan 2017 21:16
Playing around with the calendar I found following behaviour:

After installation, without any user or usr group configuration, UI language can be changed in the settings menue.
- login as admin
- open settings
- select language
- close calendar
- open calendar with new language

So far so good!

Then setting user public access from read to no access.
Same procedure as above, but the language is not changing.
Then edit user public access and save profile (without any changes)
The language is changing!

Setting user public access back to read does not change this behaviour.

Conclusion: After having set user public access to no access you have to edit and save user public access to change the language
Any idea?

Posted:  20 Jan 2017 22:40   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Werner,

There is indeed a problem with switching to the language specified in the user profile.
I've solved this problem and it will be part of the next LuxCal release.
If you are desperate, please let me know and I will describe the changes necessary to fix this.
Posted:  12 Mar 2017 11:57
Hi Roel,

thank you for your reply. It looks like that a timely solution for the problem becomes more important. If you don't mind,could you please describe the changes necessary to fix it.

Posted:  12 Mar 2017 15:19
Hello Werner

Roels post is from 20.01.2017, and there is a version 4.5.2  from 31.01.2017 that has a solution for this.

it is in the dev-notes.

30. index.php, login.php: When logging in and when changing the user language on
    the login page, the language remained unchanged and was not set to the user
    language. Problem solved.

So - if You update Your version it should be solved.

Kind regards