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Posted:  11 Jan 2017 16:36   Last Edited By: mnicholson

I installed the  calendar yesterday and found it very straightforward to set up.  What is puzzling me is that when viewing on my macbook (using chrome or firefox) the calendar looks fine, but on our school's network (using ie or edge or safari) the site appears with no CSS at all. (I see no option to attach an image or screenshot on the forum) 

I have not altered any of the actual css files but the calendar appears with no styling and fonts, the header is all over the place and it is like the styling has been turned off. I am viewing the same URL.

can any please help me?

the url is:
Posted:  11 Jan 2017 19:29
I will do a clean re-install now to see if that affects anything - but even on my macbook it works fine on firefox/chrome but doesnt in safari
Posted:  11 Jan 2017 19:34
The default theme does the same in safari and IE/Edge - honestly I am at a  loss - I have spent so long looking for a calendar for our company which meets everything and Lux does all that - but we cannot change from IE and this will be a disaster if I can't solve this.
Posted:  11 Jan 2017 19:50
I have done a fresh install, deleted everything on the webserver and started again.

its the same.  Here is a screenshot in safari, which also occurs in IE and edge.  The screenshot has the developer window open, and the css.php page has a message "Calendar ' ' cannot be found" - what does that mean and could that be the cause?

please can someone help. This calendar looks so good and I really need it to work!
Posted:  11 Jan 2017 23:03
Hello Nicholson

I think we/You must have Roel to look at this.

It could be something on Your server.

Maybe Roel can see what could be wrong, but please post some information that might help him.

servertype - which PHP version, which Mysql version ( unless it is the SQLite version ).

It IS a great calendar, and I am sure Roel will help You to get it function for You.

Kind regards
Posted:  11 Jan 2017 23:57
I had the same issue a while back and it took me some time to resolve.  It came down to my permissions on the folders.  When I FTP'ed the files to the server, the permissions at the folder level got set as 7-7-5.  When I changed the permissions for the folders to 7-5-5 the issue resolved itself.

So, check your folder permissions and see if they are at 7-5-5.

Hope this helps.
Posted:  12 Jan 2017 00:56
we are running a windows network and server with IIS, so I am unsure of what to do with this as Im guessing you are talking about apache and linux.

I have given full control rights to the user of the folder the calendar is saved in...but no change.
Posted:  12 Jan 2017 01:22
You are correct.  I was talking about an Apache/Linux server.  The problem looked just like what you showed.  The files in the sub directories were not accessible, therefore, the style was not able to be added to the calendar.

Good luck.
Posted:  12 Jan 2017 01:29
Eagle was this the same as mine where it would look fine for some browsers and not others (that is the part that is confusing me)

thanks for your help so far
Posted:  12 Jan 2017 02:27
Sorry, I didn't try any browsers except IE and Edge.  Both had the issue.
Posted:  12 Jan 2017 03:07
I went in to Edge's debugger and the css.php file returned this error:

Calendar '' not found.

I'm guessing it is something on your server setup.  I've got it also installed on a Windows 10 machine for testing and it is working correctly.
Posted:  12 Jan 2017 09:38
i noticed that too eagle (see my earlier post with screenshot)

I am needing some more information on this css.php page and what that means?

is it not getting the calendar name passed to it?
Is it a cookie/session issue?

Posted:  12 Jan 2017 15:46
Yes, I see there are no session cookies in IE.  Thinking this is because it's not finding/able to display the page.

Need Roel's help.
Posted:  12 Jan 2017 15:47
how do I contact roel? do I need to message him directly?
Posted:  12 Jan 2017 16:00
You can go to the "Contact Us" page to send a message to him.  Good luck.
Posted:  12 Jan 2017 21:23
I have sent a message, the files display0.php, display1.php and display2.php appear fine

this is why I am thinking its the way css is applied to the index.php page - but I am unsure to how css.php works
Posted:  12 Jan 2017 21:29
Yes, when I was having a similar problem display0.php, display1.php, and display2.php worked correctly.  All of their values are included with the page.  But, when index.php included it's css.php page it was unable to load it because of folder permissions.
Posted:  12 Jan 2017 21:32
Becuase we use windows I have set the folder permissions so that 'everyone' has full control to read and execute/write  - for all sub-folders too - this is why its confusing me if it was the solution as it was with yours
Posted:  12 Jan 2017 22:09
I have taken the actual css code (taken from the developer tab in firefox) and took out the actual php from css.php and removed the dynamically generated php and pasted in the css style.

I know this isn't a real, permanent fixture as I don't think i can use the UI Styling option anymore.

I have a backup of the real css.php to use is roel wants to have a look at it in use again.
Posted:  12 Jan 2017 22:30
Just looked at your URL again in Edge and the css format looks like it's working.
Posted:  12 Jan 2017 22:50
yes (see my post above) I have essentially hard coded to css form my theme into the calendar - its not ideal and I'd still like to know why it wasn't working but It will do for now haha!

thanks for your help
Posted:  13 Jan 2017 08:09
Hello Nicholson

We still need to have Roel look at this.

It seems there is a problem when using the "option" or the date-picker in IE or Edge

You then get an error :

not permitted (CSRF)

Maybe it's the work-around that causes this.

Kind regards
Posted:  13 Jan 2017 12:06
no it was doing this before as well, I have used the 'contact us' to ask Roel to look at this thread - have not heard anything as of yet
Posted:  13 Jan 2017 12:09   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi All,

Oops, many posts in this thread.

The problem is related to PHP sessions, or the cookies in which the session ID is stored.
We are currently working on it wink
Posted:  15 Jan 2017 23:03   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Via email Mark and I analysed this problem in detail, and it shows that it's not related to the LuxCal calendar.
There appears to be an incompatibility problem between the academy server on which the calendar runs and the browsers IE, Edge and Safari.
As said in my previous post it is a PHP sessions / cookies problem and is not related to a specific application.
Mark let me know that they upgraded from PHP 5.5 to 5.6 and all seems to work now!