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Posted:  09 Jan 2017 14:58
Just upgraded to v4.5.1M and wanted to let you know the header doesn't look right when viewing the calendar from the MS Edge browser.  The font is plain block text and the name of the calendar and current date are mashed together on the right side of the header.  So for me it appears thusly on the left side of the header:

Whassup with GorkMonday 9 January 2017

Then on the right side of the header it shows "admin" properly.

In addition, fwiw, I was unable to use your forum from within Edge.  When I'd click on the title of a post to open the post nothing would happen.  When I tried to do the same thing in IE I received a notification that only secure content is being displayed and I had to click to allow unsecure content.  My guess is this issue is the problem which is making your forum not work properly in Edge.


Posted:  10 Jan 2017 20:30
Hi Gork,

I'm happy you are still upgrading the calendar to the latest version!
I viewed the calendar in Edge and all looked normal, as it should. So I could not reproduce you problem.

Could you login as admin and in the admin drop-down menu select "UI Styling" to open the User Interface Styling page please.
And then on this page select "Save Theme" and see if the header problem is solved.

No need to sigh Gork; there are worse things in life, for instance IE.
Posted:  11 Jan 2017 05:09   Last Edited By: Gork
Um, Twilight Zone...  I logged in to follow your instructions and everything already looked normal without me having to change a thing.  Perhaps it was some kind of a weird caching issue or something...  I took a screen shot yesterday when it happened but seem to have lost it - not that it seems to matter at this point...

I'm not so sure Edge is much better than IE!  Yeah, there is lots to like more, but it introduces its own set of bugs and problems.  ugh

Btw, is clicking on UI Styling supposed to open a popup window (as opposed to a new tab or replacing the tab the calendar is already open in?)
Posted:  11 Jan 2017 20:25
Yes, clicking on UI Styling will open a new window. The reason is that now you can change the User Interface styles and press "Preview Theme" in the UI Styling window and then preview the changes in the calendar. You can even browse the various calendar pages with the previewed theme and once you decide it's exactly as you want it to be, then in the UI Styles window you can press Stop Preview and Save Theme.
Posted:  12 Jan 2017 15:11
Totally makes sense...