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Posted:  05 Jan 2017 10:05
I have tried to show just one category in the embedded mini-cal without success.

I tried this:  <iframe class="luxcal" src="../luxcal/index.php?cP=1"> </iframe>

Should it work?
Posted:  05 Jan 2017 10:22
Sorry I copied the wrong code.
This is what i hav tested: <iframe class="luxcal" src="../luxcal/index.php?cC[]=1"> </iframe>
Posted:  05 Jan 2017 18:18
I found the solution myself.
I changed the parameter $cats = "2";  in display0.php

That made it. Why didn't I find this in the first place.

Would be nice to be able to set $cats via the parameter cC from the iframe.

Posted:  05 Jan 2017 20:33
Hello Per-Ola

The displays are self-contained. They can even be "called" directly and needs no iframe to be displayed, and then they are fully optimized to mobile devices.

If You need different settings for the same display, You could copy the display to another file, so You had :
Or whatsoever.

Of course this could be troublesome if You have many copied displays only because of different cats, and then You have something other  that has to be changed in the display.
You couldĀ“"slash" the line ( if used in an iframe )  like :
//$cats = "0"; //events in categories to show (comma separated list of cat IDs; 0: all categories)
but I don't know if it is then possible to set the $cats as a parameter if the display is in an iframe.

But I am sure Roel can tell if, or how it is possible

Kind regards