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LuxCal Forum / LuxCal / What's New / LuxCal 2.1 Released: 2010.07.31
Posted:  28 May 2010 22:40   Last Edited By: Roel B.
LuxCal 2.1 includes the following improvements:
Import and export of iCalendar files
An import / export capability for iCalendar (.ics) files to enable the exchange of calendar events between LuxCal and other calendars. This would also be useful to import for instance ics-files with public holidays available in iCal format on the web.
'CSV Import' page improved
Different date and time formats can now be selected when importing a file. The validation of input data is more complete and the user interface has been improved. Furthermore measures have been taken to avoid double/triple/etc. upload of the same events. The user-interface texts of the CSV Import page have been separated from the script and moved to the language file.
User self-registration
A possibility for users to self-register. The user should submit his/her name and email address, and the self-registration function will then email a password.
The administrator will be able to enable/disable the self-registration function and set the access rights for self-registered users.
RSS-feeds showing the most recent calendar changes (events added, edited or deleted) during the last 2 weeks will be available to users having read access. Events marked as "private" will not be shown.
Display event owner
In the event hover box and on the pages where event details are displayed, the name of the event owner is displayed as well.
'Login' page inproved
The Login page has been completely restructured and been made more user-friendly. The main page is for Logging in only. From the main page unregistered users can go to a registration page (if enabled by the administrator) and registered users can go to a page to change their personal data (user name, email address and password).
'Settings' page improved
The user interface of the Settings page has been completely restructured and much improved. Some new settings have been added (see other changes in this post). On request of several users: The user-interface texts of the Settings page have been separated from the settings.php script and moved to the language file.
Parameters for "send calendar changes"-script moved to 'Settings' page
It appeared that users of LuxCal 2.0, who use the new sendchg.php script to receive email notifications of calendar changes (added/edited and deleted events) tend to forget to populate the destination email list inside the script file. This destination email list and the number of days to look back for changes, have been moved to the new Settings page.
To avoid a too big language file, the ui-{lang}.php language file has been split in two separate files (per language). One file for the "calendar" pages and an other for the "admin" pages.
Cosmetic improvements:
- minor changes to make the navigation bar even more simple
- presentation of "all-day" multi-day events improved
- improved user-interface of users page and categories page
- Name of Public User now language dependent (via language file)