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Posted:  22 Nov 2016 23:03   Last Edited By: Roel B.
This new LuxCal version 4.5.1 has two major improvements and a whole series of minor improvements and bug fixes. The two major improvements are:
1) A new Styling page has been added to the administration drop-down menu, which is a great tool to tailor the calendar's user interface and experiment with colors, font sizes, etc.
2) The first so-called "displays" have been produced for the calendar. Displays are single file self-contained scripts which show the calendar events in a much more fancy user interface.
Hereafter you will find a full summary of all changes . . .

Changes/Improvements since LuxCal version 4.5.0
• The new Styling page added to the administration drop-down menu opens in a separate window. In this way, when previewing color or font changes, the calendar pages can be browsed to see the full effect of the previewed changes. All editable styles of each calendar, called the "theme", are stored in the calendar database, which means that, in case of multiple calendars, each calendar can have its own dedicated theme. An other major advantage of storing a calendar theme in the calendar database is that when future new LuxCal versions are released the current theme will not be overwritten by the new LuxCal version.
• Displays are a new way of presenting the calendar events in an attractive user interface. Displays are single-file self-contained scripts, which have a documented "settings" section in the head of the file. They work out-of-the-box and are extremely easy to embed in an existing web page. Displays can also be viewed directly (not embedded in an other web page), which is particularly useful for small-screen mobile devices. Displays use the powerful calendar toolboxes and therefore are easy to create, are small and are very flexible due to a large number of configurable settings. The current calendar version comprises two new displays and the mini-calendar which has been converted to a display. In the future more displays will be produced, maybe with a user interface suggested by you!
• The mini-calendar script has been converted to a self-contained new "display", with more flexibility and more tailoring possibilities. The style and theme files css_mini.php and lctheme.php have become redundant and the mini-calendar section has been removed from the admin's Settings page.
• Sorting of events per day has been improved. The last day of multi-day events is now sorted on end time (was start time).
• When entering times with the time picker, leading zeros will now be suppressed (09:45 => 9:45).
• On the admin's Settings page a distinction between error and warning message colors has been added.
• On the admin's Categories page, in addition to the "No overlap allowed" checkbox, a second check box has been added to block overlap with events in any category. When checked, time periods/days when an event in this category is active are completely blocked for other events. This feature can for instance be used to prevent other users from entering events on "blocked" days.
• A parameter has been added to the stand-alone sidebar to enable or disable the display of only one (the next) occurrence of recurring events while subsequent occurrences will be suppressed.
• The accepted text string length of the extra fields 1 and 2 has been increased from 64 to 120 characters.

Technical issues
• Simplification in the mini-calendar. For the compilation of the normal and multi-day time string for the hover box, the makeHovT function from the toolbox.php is now used.
• The title of the Administration drop-down menu, implemented by defining a hidden option, did not work in all browsers. In some browsers, the option Administration was still selectable and, when selected, caused a PHP warning message.
• Variable validation is only necessary for GET-variables. In LuxCal version 4.5.0 many previous GET-variables have been replaced by POST-variables and the associated validation tests have now been removed.
• On the categories page, in the Edit Categories box the definitions (name, text and background) of the sub-categories have been shifted to the left because for some languages the space on the right side was not sufficient.
• In the "Views" part of the option panel, the number of loops in the for-loop was one greater than the actual number of views.
• When no PHP session variables were set, passed POST parameters were flushed, which is incompatible with the new way of using POST parameters instead of GET variables when calling the index file.
• Comma missing between the concatenation of the public and user event categories that may be viewed/edited.

Bug fixes
• Baking cookie not treated correctly, which could result in forgetting the user log-in details.
• When upgrading from LuxCal v4.3 an SQL error could occur.
• In the calendar's RSS feeds HTML entities in the event title were not converted and, if present, caused an xml error.
• On the admin's Settings page, for 'RSS feed links' and 'Extra field 2' there was a stray <span>-tag and a missing <div>-tag.
• When sending an email notification "now", the sub-category name (or blank, if not specified) was not passed to the makeE function, causing a PHP notice message (undefined index 'snm') in the Event window.
• There was a problem when logging out while the Public User has no view rights. In this case the log-out procedure failed and the Public User was not re-directed to the Log In page.
• When logging out and then logging in again the user was logged in, but the login page remained displayed rather then redirecting the user to the default calendar page.
• In the Event window, when submitting the event for the second time with an error in the form, the text "Not permitted (events)" was displayed.
• When entering an event, the overlap check assumed end time 23:59 when the end time was blank, which is not correct.
• Because of a bug, user groups could not be deleted.
• When adding events, the initial category ID was set to 1 (No cat), which is not necessarily part of the categories the user may add/edit, as specified in the user group.