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LuxCal Forum / General / Support / Possible to notify via users rather than e-mail addresses?
Posted:  22 Nov 2016 17:03
Dear forum,

Firstly I like the calendar features.

It is a bit convoluted to have users register with their e-mail address, and then add those addresses manually to a mailing list file for event notifications.

Is it not possible to just to send a notification to all registered users (SELECT the e-mail addresses from the database) without loading a mailing list file every time or manually adding them to the list after they have registered?

Thank you.
Posted:  22 Nov 2016 23:56
Hi there,

Convoluted, yes, maybe; but how could this be done differently? Mailing lists are often rather static lists (e.g. list of employees working on the same project, people playing in the same team, calendar users who subscribed to a specific category of events, etc.). It would be very cumbersome if each time, when creating an event, you would have to create the same mailing list (even if you could pick the email addresses from a drop-down menu, it would be annoying).

It would not be difficult to send an email notification to all registered users, however, that is something you most of the time don't want; most of the time you want to send an email to a specific group of users and not to all users.

Maybe I misunderstood the way you would like it to be . . .
Posted:  23 Nov 2016 15:50
Hi Roel,

Mailing lists might not be as static as you think. Employee's come and go just as players do on teams. I refer to the HNP Hockey group. They have different leagues and teams. Players come and players go. If they have a game change they might want to select teams 3 and 7 to send an email to them to let them know the date and time for their game has changed.

I agree that most of the time you wouldn't want to send an email to all registered users. About the only times I can think of would be to announce an update to the calendar or something that would be side wide like a privacy policy. In those situations being able to send an email to all registered users could be handy.

"Little Guy"
Some own motorcycles, others ride them.

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Posted:  24 Nov 2016 19:35   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Dan,

Yes, I agree with you, email list will change too, but how could this be done easier or more efficient?
I could implement a drop-down list with the email addresses of all registered users, from which one could pick addresses for email reminders.
But I would rather create an email list with 25 addresses, use it maybe 20 times, update it, use it 30 time, update it, etc. than selecting 25 addresses from a drop-down list each time I create/edit an event for which I need to send a reminder.
So, although email lists are not very sophisticated, I don't see an easier way.

I'm open for suggestions, in particular because after LuxCal V4.5.1 I will start working on a feature to send SMSes. So in this case we need a mechanism to select email addresses for email reminders and a mechanism to select mobile phone numbers for SMSes.
I'm already discussing this with John (, but don't hesitate to give us your views as well smile
Posted:  24 Nov 2016 22:31
Hello all

In my opinion the email list is a very good solution, and it should be rather easy to bring it to also include sms via mail2sms.
The only thing is, that it is only the admin that can edit the lists - but You can have more lists.

When we come to participants, which is also a kind of list, then it could be a list that can be changed by the mailrecipient himself ( only himself ) and the eventowner ( all on the list ).
And with a kind of template ( event=template ) You can have several participant lists.

For me ( and I guess Roel agree ) it is important that we keep it as simple as possible but as functional as possible.
I could see the email list kept much as it is now, but with sms-function added.
And then new possibilities with the participation which should be a system You could activate - or - if You choose not to, the users should not even see there is such a system.

I would suggest that when we come a bit further in our discussion, and have something more concrete, then we could present something ( in text and drawings/images ) on the calendarforum, and afterwards comment it here on this forum.
This I haven't discussed with Roel - but what do You think of this Roel and Dan and others ?

Kind regards
Posted:  24 Nov 2016 23:59
Hi John

Ha ha, yes, "keep it as simple as possible but as functional as possible". You seem to know me wink

Your suggestion is fine to me.
Posted:  25 Nov 2016 00:45
Hello Roel

Thought You were busy with Your Black-friday-offer - the new release biggrin

Kind regards
Posted:  25 Nov 2016 03:04
Hi Roel, John and others.

Here are a couple of idea's.

For events, anyone that registers for the event is automatically on the mailing list for that event. The calendar admin doesn't have to do anything which saves them time. If someone un-registers for the event they are removed from the mailing list. If the event is deleted prior to the event date an option to email everyone on the list to let them know of its' deletion. If the event is deleted after the event date the list is also deleted.

For admin related mailing lists perhaps have people be able to subscribe and unsubscribe from their account. When they register they are automatically subscribed, admin doesn't have to do anything to add them. At any time from their user account they can unsubscribe.

I don't know if an admin would have more than just a all registered users list, unless for users. If they do, perhaps have users be able to subscribe / unsubscribe from their user account. A current status could be shown.

Mailing List's
Registered User: [x] Subscribed [ ] Un-subscribe [ ] Subscribe
Manager's: [ ] Subscribed [ ] Un-subscribe [ ] Subscribe

If they aren't eligible to be on a list it wouldn't show. Regular users wouldn't see the "Manager's" to subscribe to.

Kind regards,
"Little Guy"
Some own motorcycles, others ride them.

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Posted:  25 Nov 2016 18:27   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Dan,

Interesting ideas! It would indeed be good if in addition to the current mechanism, where the event owner decides who should receive an email notification, a user could "subscribe' to an existing event.
A question is: should each registered user be able to choose how many days before the event a reminder should be sent? This would make the processing much more complicated. If - as it is now - the event owner decides when the reminder is sent, and in addition registered users can just select [ ] Subscribe or [ ] Un-subscribe, it is probably rather easy to implement.

I will sleep a couple of nights on this wink


PS. John, special Black Friday offer for you, today until midnight you can download the new LuxCal version 4.5.1 for free!
Posted:  25 Nov 2016 18:52
Ha - long time done.