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Posted:  23 Oct 2016 16:56
Hi Roel,

When selecting a category for booking a room or service etc. the title and venue are blank.

The Venue would normally be the location of the business so not required makes sense. Have the option to not display that line in the category since the person would / should know the venue location. Do not have Venue Location []

The title is required and can't be left blank. The person booking may not be sure what to put for the title. For Category name I have Bay 1 Oil Change. As default if a category is selected have it auto populate the title with the Category Name so it would have in the Title Bay 1 Oil Change.

When the admin Approves the event then saves and closes have an email sent to the user so they know the event / booking is approved.

Kind regards,
"Little Guy"
Some own motorcycles, others ride them.

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