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Posted:  19 Oct 2016 01:23
We really like the calendar and often get compliments regarding the sidebar on our main webpage at  GBARC. This is a suggestion, maybe it has already been implemented. We have some events which happen weekly such as a meeting on our local repeater. Or monthly breakfasts. In order to prevent the events from cluttering up the sidebar, I add the event to each subsequent scheduled time/day by advancing the repeat till field. So for weekly events I advance one week after the event has taken place, same for monthly events.

My suggestion would be to prevent displaying the next event, till the current one expires, say the day after the event.

just a thought
many thanks  Tom in Canada VA3TS
Posted:  19 Oct 2016 15:35   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Tom,

No, this has not been implemented yet.
If you send me your email address (via the Contact Us page) I will produce a side bar version for you with this feature included as an option.
Should something be done for "multi-day" events too? A multi-day event is for instance an event starting on 19 October and ending on 21 October. Personally I don't think so. For instance if you would have an event "Club Closed" 26.12.2016 until 02.01.2017, I assume you would like to see Club Closed on each day of this date bracket.

PS. On your "" page there is a black bar at the bottom of the page obscuring the link to LuxSoft in the footer of the calendar. I would suggest to remove the <div id="Layer4"></div>, just under the <iframe>-tag with the calendar. It's a win-win situation, the page will look better and visitors will see the link to LuxSoft smile
Posted:  26 Oct 2016 18:54
Hello Roel, thanks for the reply. I have moved the footer on the calendar page so that your link is visible.

I will send you my email via the contact page. I currently am using version 4.3.0M . I have procrastinated a bit on upgrading as I was concerned that I may break what I had there. So if there would be little consequence to what I have, then I'll upgrade it. Perhaps what you are sending me will need the latest version.

The multi-day events are as you say, not much point in modifying those.

The "Club Closed" example would be as you suggest.

Many thanks
Posted:  27 Oct 2016 23:04
Hi Tom,
As promised I've sent you the modified V4.3.0 lcsbar.php file.
I've added a parameter to the sidebar script to enable or disable the display of only one (the next) occurrence of recurring events while subsequent occurrences are suppressed.
I've added this feature also to the next version of LuxCal so that other users can use it too.