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Posted:  16 Oct 2016 01:12
Thank you for this very useful calendar. I use it for my association to plan activities for every week. But I'm wondering how to automaticaly prevent any reservation during school holidays ?
I declared the activities as categories, as well as holidays. Is it the right manner to proceed ? How can I implement this option ?
Than you in advance.
Posted:  16 Oct 2016 09:50

I believe you have it correct. If you check the box No overlap allowed then they shouldn't be able to add any events during the dates and times you entered.

If you wish to test to make sure. Add a Demo user and log in as that user and then try adding an event on a school holiday

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Posted:  23 Oct 2016 00:13
Thank you for your answer.
But as far as I remamber, I authorized overlap because my calendar is used to book rooms for activities. So, several activities can be exercised at the same time, but not in the same room.
I don't know how I could implement this feature as a different manner.
By the way, could you remind me where I could check the box No overlap allowed, I didn't find it anymore.

Thank you.
Posted:  23 Oct 2016 07:55
Hello Windo

First : "No overlap allowed" is to find on the category

The problem with preventing "double bookings" for a room, can only be solved by using a room as a category.
It depends on how many rooms and how many activities You have, what would be a right solution.
If You have many activities and only few rooms to handle, then You could have each activity as a category per room.

act01room2 and so on.

If You have no more different activities than 4, You could perfectly use the room as category and the activity as a subcategory. This way You can prevent double-bookings.

If it is only You that puts data in the calendar, You could cheat and use the user as an activity, and room as category.
This way You will only have as many categories as You have rooms, and You can select on both rooms=categories and activities=user.

You could also use the Venue field as activity, but then You have no way to select on an activity, other than make a "search"
To prevent bookings in a holiday, You will ( for all solutions )  have to make an event for that time for each category=room.

The only way to give a meaningful answer to Your "problem" is to know :
How many rooms ?
How many activities ?
what is needed to be selectable ?
What output is needed ?
Must users be users, or could this be used for other purposes ?

Kind regards
Posted:  23 Oct 2016 12:24
Hello Schwartz,

If you have time; this might be an interesting working demo with screen shots to put together on your website. You don't want to give admin access since people could mess things up.

Pick a scenario for booking say three hair stylists offering different services. Using the demo then a person could simply change it for mechanics doing different services etc. The screen shots would show how to set it up and the demo would allow people to test and see how it works.

It is just an idea and you may not have time.

Perhaps others who have set up LuxCal to serve their needs will also provide ideas and screen shots of ways to use LuxCal. They may not but you never know. If I can find some time I might see what I can put together and send to you.

Kind regards,
"Little Guy"
Some own motorcycles, others ride them.

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Posted:  23 Oct 2016 20:18
Hello Dan

Next month I will add some new examples to the calendarforum.

And I will do some more work on the cottage-booking.

I would like to have a scenario for a hair stylist. But also here I will have to have some more information so it will be a "real" demo.
I am afraid we could have the same "problem" as described in the earlier posts here.
Logically the booking-check should be on a person (user) or a chair, but there is no check on user, so a user should also be a category.
Then again we have the mess, as the number of treatments possibly will exceed 4. And even when it was only 4 we have the problem about different time slots for a treatment.

Maybe we will have to hear HIMSELF if, in a later version it could be possible with a duplicate of the category.

Kind regards

PS I still love Your signature
Posted:  23 Oct 2016 22:32
Hello John,

I'm working on a garage demo and have run into some issues which I have emailed Roel about and some suggestions. One suggestion touches on what your brought up with sub-categories and the limit of four. My suggestion was "Add Sub-category" so they could have 6, 9 or 14 etc. if needed.

With room bookings some might want it just for the morning, afternoon, evening or all day so four might be all you need. Sub-categories don't allow for a time periode, only the category does so if you set 4 hours for the morning you can't have all day. What if the morning slot is 9-12 and the afternoon slot is 1:00 to 5:00?

Hair stylists are a whole different can of worms. At first I thought it might not be too bad to code but then as I got thinking it could be a nightmare. I take my mother to get her hair done each week. It is roughly a 30 minute appointment for her wash and style dry. You get a woman that goes in for a colour and they have to sit for a while so the hair dresser spends about 15 to 20 minutes doing what she needs to do. While that customer is sitting they get another customer started. Likewise when they are sitting under the dryer so for a 90 minute colour the stylist might only be spending 30 to 40 minutes working on the customer. If you block a whole 90 minutes it doesn't work.

I'm glad you like my signature. It kind of keeps it in their face so to speak.

Kind regards,
"Little Guy"
Some own motorcycles, others ride them.

Find great LuxCal examples by Schwartz at